A Few Suggestions for Plant Variety Names

I have  few suggestions for plant variety names that would make it much easier for me to remember them.

I suspect other gardeners will also find my suggested names much easier to remember, too.

My first suggested plant variety name is 'I Lost the Plant Tag'.

Can you imagine yourself out in the garden telling someone what the name of your latest daylily purchase is?

"What's the name of that new daylily?"

"'I Lost the Plant Tag'."

"Oh, that's sad because I really wanted to get one for myself."

"You can. Just ask for "I Lost the Plant Tag"?

"What? Can't you even finish your thought?"

Another variety name that would be easy to remember is 'There's A Plant Label Around Here Somewhere'.

You know how that conversation would go.

"What's the name of your new daylily?"

"'There's a Plant Label Around Here Somewhere'."


"What? I just told you 'There's a Plant Label Around Here Somewhere'."

Or how about giving a plant the variety name, 'It Didn't Come With A Name'?

Then when someone asks you what the plant is you can say, "'It Didn't Come With A Name'".

"What? No name?"

Then you'd reply, "No, I said 'It Didn't Come With A Name'".

And you know how the rest of the discussion would go.

By the way 'No Tag', 'No Label', 'No Name', along with 'Lost Label', 'Lost Name' and 'Lost Tag' are also good short variety names for plants, as are 'Missing Tag', 'Missing Label' and 'Missing Name'.

You're Welcome!

By the way, I've given the Iris cristata above the variety name of 'No Name'!



  1. I have a garden full of those names. I have several 'I can't remember' flowers too or 'I could look it up'.

  2. I have a mental block when it comes to certain plants, so every year when they come up, I have to look them up! LOL!

  3. I started naming the flowers after the person who gifted them to me. Easier for me to remember. By the way a lady named Iris gave me some the little iris you have pictured!! I love my little iris!!


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