Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - June 2017

Welcome to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day for June 2017.

Here in my USDA Hardiness Zone 6a garden in central Indiana, we had a bit of a dry spell the last few weeks and it got hot. But last night we had some storms move through and it appears my garden got a decent soaking of a little over a half inch of rain.

When I went out to take pictures for bloom day, my feet got wet, but I didn't mind a bit.  I know the garden is happier with the bit of rain.

And if a little rain makes the garden happy, imagine how ecstatic it will be if I do a bit of—a lot of—weeding and mulching and pruning and deadheading?

But enough about the weather and the long list of garden tending activities awaiting me, let's talk about the blooms of June.

June feels like a "bridging" month in my garden. Long gone are the ephemerals of spring, leaving behind a few decaying leaves for me to clean up. In their place, we have a variety of clematis, roses, hydrangeas, lilies, and daylilies, primarily, with a few odd assorted other blooms here and there.  We also get our first peak at the first buds of the high summer flowers in June.

Want to see some flowers?

How about this Clematis x triternata 'Rubromarginata'? I'm keeping it forever.

First Orientpet lily showed up.  There will be others!

Clematis 'Pagoda' has been blooming for a while. I'm also keeping it forever.

I planted Lupines this spring. This one is the color of butter. I hope it stays forever.

First of the dayliles bloomed for bloom day. Nope. I don't know its name either.

Clematis 'Rooguchi' is the clematis that made me love all clematis. I'm also keeping it forever.

A little potentilla. An understated bit of gold in the garden followed by interesting red seed heads.

I don't know the name of this clematis but I know it survived the big patio remodel of 2011 so it is staying forever.

Morning light captures the blooms on this oakleaf hydrangea. I think it is a PeeGee, but don't quote me on that.

Ugh, sorry about the light on this picture, those are ditch lilies. They remind me of family reunions, so I keep them.

I planted a whole bunch of Geranium 'Rozanne' this spring.  Photobombed by Spiraea 'Magic Carpet'.

I don't normally show annuals for Bloom Day but check out that petunia. That's 'Night Sky' and I love it.

Wouldn't be June without clover in the lawn.  Not too many bees this morning, but it's there for them.

Ha. I fool a lot of people with the blooms of the potato, growing in a SmartPot on my patio.

And also near the patio, another oakleaf hydrangea. Lots of blooms on it.

June also shows us hints of what's to come in the garden.

The first blooms on false sunflower, Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Loraine Sunshine’ showed up mid-June.

And a bit of purple is showing on the blazing star, Liatris spicata.

It's in the August Dreams Garden, where this sculpture attracts attention until late summer when this border has its day in the sun.

Oh, look. The first coneflower decided to appear for Bloom Day.  They will be starring in the garden by July!

And that's a bit of the blooms in my garden in the middle of June.

What's blooming in your garden today? We would love for you to join in for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and show us. It's easy to participate. Just post on your blog about the blooms in your garden, then come here and leave a comment to tell us what you have waiting for us to see and put a link in the Mr. Linky widget to tell us how to get there.

And remember, "We can have flowers nearly every month of the year." ~ Elizabeth Lawrence


Your June blooms are gorgeous Carol and I especially love the Lupines! We just had two days of 90 degree plus temperatures after a very cool and moist May and start of June. The combination of moisture and recent heat here on Long Island has caused everything to pop in the garden, especially the roses! Thanks for hosting Bloom Day!
Andrea said…
Hi Carol, thanks for hosting again. YOur blooms are all beautiful, but i am particularly biased to the lupines. The first time i saw them in Sweden and then in NZ i feel like they are really my favorites. However, i didn't see any of that yellow color, it is amazing!
Unknown said…
It is Clematisfest time in your garden - the ones you grow are beautiful, no wonder you want to keep them forever. I have never heard of the common name of ditch lily. I love ditches and all the wildflowers growing down their banks, and although it is highly unlikely that the name has anything to do with the location of family reunions, it has conjured up images of my own family picking their way down a ditch in their heels to a gathering. I shall always call them ditch lilies from now on.

Lovely to see the beginnings of cone flowers - I think they are just a mass of leaves still here, but you have prompted me to go and take a closer look. Thank you for hosting once again - it's lovely to see so much colour in your garden.
VP said…
We have clematis a-plenty in both our gardens this month Carol. I love them, so I'm not surprised you want to keep them forever :)

I've found lots of white blooms have burst into flower together this month. It's quite a surprise as I always think of my garden having more purple and blue tones at this time of the year.

Have a good Blooms Day everyone!
Unknown said…
You must be several weeks ahead of us. My day lilies and cone plants have yet to flower. Nevertheless we have many clematis and roses out now.
Alana said…
June is also a bridge month for us in upstate New York. Ditch lilies. That's a first for me (them being called that) but I certainly understand why. My day lilies aren't ready just yet. Happy GBBD to you!
Leanne Conrad said…
I love all your clematis varieties. I also am very fond of the ditch lilies too. They are every where, but I think the orange is wonderful with blue and purple flowers. Thank you for hosting!
I love that your flowers are linked to memories, just as it should be!
For some reason I cannot post using your linky tool so I sharing in your comments. Peonies are blooming in my garden and I am loving it? :)
Covegirl said…
Beautiful blooms. I have clematis, milkweed, and daylilies blooming.
I love that you include the clover, Carol. We have plenty, too, and so important for the bees. Thanks for hosting every blogger's favorite meme. P. x
CommonWeeder said…
Your garden is more full of blooms than mine here in Massachusetts, but it makes me think I must get some clematis - because they are blooming on our local famous Bridge of Flowers. We have had lots of rain this spring!
Erica Smith said…
Glad you are keeping so many things forever! Beautiful blooms - thanks for sharing and hosting!
We have had similar weather but got more rain than you did. Can't believe it is mid-June. My clematis are mostly gone. Think I need to invest in some later bloomers like you have. Lovely.
rusty duck said…
I must do more with clematis. What a great splash of colour they make. Happy Bloom Day Carol.
outlawgardener said…

Your June blooms are looking very happy to have had some rain. So much is blooming this time of year that I always worry about what will be left later in the year. Thanks to your marvelous meme, we can look back a past years and see that there will, indeed, be color in July and August. Many thanks for continuing to host. Happy GBBD!
You seem to have a lot of different things blooming right now Carol. I love all your clematis. I need more to be blooming this time of year. Happy GBBD.
Kris Peterson said…
Oh, how I wish I had your success with Clematis! The warm temperatures have found us here in coastal SoCal too - summer can't be denied or dodged it seems, much as I'd have liked to see our morning marine layer hang on. Thanks for hosting GBBD, Carol!
danger garden said…
Looks like several plants have found their forever home in your garden. Hope they cooperate! Happy Bloomday...
Nic said…
That lily is lovely. Thanks for having us as usual!
Kelly Diggle said…
Thanks so much for organising. Here is my contribution
holly said…
Thank you so much for hosting--this is my 1st ever Blooms Day post :). I love your butter-colored lupine...I want to add one to my front yard of natives, but I hear they're invasive here? It's gorgeous nonetheless!
bittenbyknittin said…
This is my first appearance on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - hope I did it right! This is a great way to get new ideas for the yard and garden. Thanks for hosting this!
Your stand of Geranium 'Rozanne' is lovely. We grow it too and the blooms really have longevity. Hypericum is one of my favorites because the bees cover them. As always, thanks for hosting!
Your post remind me that I need to get more Clematis - those I have are all going gangbusters...

Looking fwd to seeing you at many others on this thread at the Garden Bloggers Fling next week!
Craig said…
Thank you for hosting! I've joined in this month for the first time in a while.
Lovely to see what's happening in your garden. My lupins are feeding the slugs so they didn't make the GBBD post this time.
Love the Clematis Rooguchi! The small flowered clematis are very hard to find here on the west coast.
Phillip Oliver said…
I love your clematis, especially the one in the first photo. It is outstanding.
I hope you always keep the ditch lilies in your garden Carol. They are a wonderful addition to any garden, and though they get a bad rap, I adore them. This is my first Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day (with about two hours to go). Thanks for hosting such a great way of getting to know the gardens of others (and ourselves) on the same day every month. - Marianne
dianaschnuth said…
May your forever plants be properly attended by the garden fairies so they don't magically disappear one spring. (That's happened to some of my favorite plants -- perhaps I maligned the garden fairies somehow?)
mw said…
Thanks for hosting this, as usual! I'm on vacation and travelling but got it in under the wire. Unfortunately, I also accidentally posted the link of another garden blog with my name in #47 and I can't figure out how to remove it. I'm sorry, Rogue Eggplant!
Kimberley at Cosmos and Cleome said…
I can't blame you for wanting to keep so many of those forever! I would too! Thank you for tirelessly hosting this monthly meme!
All those beautiful clematis... sigh! It's lovely to see a garden growing lusher as summer comes on... ;-)
Rose said…
So many lovely clematis! 'Roguchi' is one of my favorites, too. Glad you finally received some rain, too; my garden really perked up after Wednesday night's shower. Happy Bloom Day!
John said…
Hi Carol,
I hope that rain makes it all the way to Maryland. We have also been very dry. That Clematis x triternata 'Rubromarginata' looks like a jewel. I will add it to my plantlust list. — jw
RobinL said…
Now that was fun! Normally your posts are filled with words, this one was filled with photos! Both delightful.
Anonymous said…
Goodness, I know I'll catch up with you at some point in the summer, but right now I'm just seeing my first blooms of roses, iris, tradescantia and geranium, while you already have liatris and echinacea! My June is similar to your May -- an exciting and much-anticipated time in the garden. -Jean
Anonymous said…
Goodness, I know I'll catch up with you at some point in the summer, but right now I'm just seeing my first blooms of roses, iris, tradescantia and geranium, while you already have liatris and echinacea! My June is similar to your May -- an exciting and much-anticipated time in the garden. -Jean
ks said…
Happy Bloomday to one and all
Alana said…
I was just told by another GBBDer that the link to my blog was not working. So I relinked. Alas, probably all the GBBDers are gone, but at least I can keep my streak going (six straight years now).
Kathy said…
Your May is my June. Enjoying peonies, Oriental poppies, and irises right now.