Garden fairies are surprised early in the morning

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we decided to write a post to warn everyone that Carol is getting up quite early to work in the garden these days.

Well, at least she did today. We aren't sure if this will continue but Granny Gus McGarden, our favorite garden fairy who pretty much runs the Vegetable Garden Catheral was startled to see Carol sauntering out to the garden early this morning, practically beating the sunrise.

Well, not exactly early enough to beat the sunrise, but early enough that Granny was taken by surprise.  Turned out okay, though, because Carol worked steadily for over an hour and weeded out all the raised beds in the vegetable garden, except those with flowers.

We expect, and may practically demand, that she make another early morning appearance tomorrow to tackle the flower border around the Vegetable Garden Cathedral.

And then the paths. Oh my goodness. The paths are just a weedy mess with thistle, dandelions, evening primrose (surely a self-inflicted weed if ever there was one), clover and who knows what else all growing like they own the place.

We are garden fairies, and we demand Carol do something about the weeds because we are garden fairies and we do not weed.

And we do not deadhead flowers.

And we do not weed.

And we do not mow.

And we do not weed.

And we do not water.

And we do not weed.

And we do not plant all those plants Carol bought and hasn't planted yet.

Oops, we are garden fairies and we don't think we were supposed to tell on Carol for not planting some of the plants she bought weeks ago. Where is the backspace key? Where is the delete key? We are garden fairies and we don't know.  We guess since the cat's out of the bag, Carol needs to just go ahead and plant them.

Anyway, you may be asking what do we garden fairies do we if we don't weed, mow, water, deadhead, etc.?

None of your business what we do but it involves opening up flowers, lighting up lightning bugs, guiding bees to the best blooms, and doing our best to scare away rabbits.

In the event that we don't scare away rabbits, Carol has once again instituted a back up plan with her "ForkTress", which we think she should patent or at least trademark the name.

Because even though it looks silly, do you see any evidence of rabbits eating any of those bean seedlings?

You do not.  Thanks to the Forktress.

At this time, Sweetpea MorningGlory would like to say, "Once you take the fork in the road toward doing goofy stuff in your garden, there is no turning back."

And there is no turning back on this growing season which is well on its way.  We expect Carol out here in the garden bright and early once again every morning because she has a lot to do out here. A lot.

Submitted by:

Violet GreenPea MayDreams, Chief Scribe for the garden fairies at May Dreams Gardens.

P.S.  Someone tell Carol that peas don't pick themselves and waltz up to the back door, knock to be let in, and then jump up on the kitchen counter. She needs to get out here and do some picking!

P.S.S. We think Carol is writing another book. We saw words, lots of words. We garden fairies may be called upon to post more often if that is the case. We'll see about that. We are garden fairies!

P.S.S. We garden fairies cannot believe Carol has been retired for over a year now from whatever it is she did before she retired and yet the garden looks like she never has time to be out here weeding. We are garden fairies. She needs to weed.


  1. My garden fairies think I need to week too. I do.~~Dee

  2. www.thenorthernwestvirginiagardener.blogspot.comMon Jun 05, 07:40:00 AM 2017

    Carol, may I use your ForkTress photo and idea on my garden blog? Giving you full credit, of course!


  3. No matter how much time one has it is difficult to dedicate much of that time to weeding. I do think of weeding as a chore. Too bad Garden Fairies don't do more of it. I should have thought of those fork trees when I planted my broccoli. The rabbits thought I had just set the broccoli out for them.

  4. I love your humour!

    and "ForkTress" What a brilliant idea!

  5. OMG.. Fork trees. What a great idea. I am going out this morning to plant plastic. My trapper friend tells me I am wasting my time trying to catch rabbits in the live trap for him to dispose. Repellents don't work. Cooking utensils. Who would guessed?


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