I am indeed rich

When I saw the seed heads on this clematis my first thought was the garden fairies had learned how to turn plant material into gold.

And I was going to be rich, richer than I could ever have imagined.

Upon closer inspection, I realized the seed heads were not made of gold. But I still felt rich, richer than I could have ever imagined because I have my own garden with this lovely clematis in it.

Looking at those seed heads, I no longer saw the weeds, the plants on the patio waiting to be potted up, the vole trails snaking through the garden. I didn't feel the breeze that was too hot for June or hear the unmistakeable, machine-like whining of a mosquito.

I forgot about the bags of mulch waiting patiently for me to lug them about the garden, the plants wilting in the hot mid-day sun, the peas ready to be harvested.

All I saw were those pretty golden sead heads.

All I felt was the happiness of having a garden and of being a gardener.

I am indeed rich, richer than I could ever have imagined.


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