I am indeed rich

When I saw the seed heads on this clematis my first thought was the garden fairies had learned how to turn plant material into gold.

And I was going to be rich, richer than I could ever have imagined.

Upon closer inspection, I realized the seed heads were not made of gold. But I still felt rich, richer than I could have ever imagined because I have my own garden with this lovely clematis in it.

Looking at those seed heads, I no longer saw the weeds, the plants on the patio waiting to be potted up, the vole trails snaking through the garden. I didn't feel the breeze that was too hot for June or hear the unmistakeable, machine-like whining of a mosquito.

I forgot about the bags of mulch waiting patiently for me to lug them about the garden, the plants wilting in the hot mid-day sun, the peas ready to be harvested.

All I saw were those pretty golden sead heads.

All I felt was the happiness of having a garden and of being a gardener.

I am indeed rich, richer than I could ever have imagined.


KitKat said…
Thanks for starting my day on such a positive note. Blessings.
We who are so fortunate to have gardens are indeed rich! Love the seed head picture...nature is so amazing!
Hetty said…
The things you do for not weeding! Love the seedheads. Groetjes Hetty