I'm in love with my Cobrahead® "Mini" Weeder and Cultivator

Dearest Cobrahead® People,

The new Cobrahead® "Mini" Weeder and Cultivator is the best new tool I've put in my gloved gardening hand in quite some time. I thought I loved the original Cobrahead® but I didn't know what true tool love was.

The mini is the one for me.

I got my Cobrahead® "Mini" Weeder and Cultivator a few weeks ago and when I put it in my hands, I knew it was the one for me.

Of course, I confirmed my love by actually using it.  Wow.  I used it to dig out dandelions and other weeds, than turned it sidewise to use like a little hoe in my raised bed gardens.

Then I was planting a few last minute annuals and had my favorite trowel right there next to the mini Cobrahead®. Much to my surprise, my inner gardener reached for the mini Cobrahead® and used that to dig little holes for the annuals instead of using the trowel.

I do love my trowel, but for bedding out annuals, I really liked using the mini Cobrahead®.

Life in the garden is much improved with my new mini Cobrahead®.

Thank you, Cobrahead® people, for coming up with this smaller version of a great gardening tool.

With a shared love of gardening,


P.S.  I also want to thank you for sending me the tool when I virtually jumped up and down all over Facebook and Twitter after viewing your video. I knew I had to have one. Thank you for sending it to me with no expectations of how I'd use it, abuse it, write about it or not write about it.  You all are the best!



Pat said…
Looks like you found a winner ! Enjoy the weekend.