Garden Fairies Post on the First Day of Fall

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we always start out our posts with "garden fairies here" so you know it is us and not Carol writing these posts.  We feel it is important for readers to know we are garden fairies and we do not always agree, support, or even read Carol's posts.

We do, however, speak our mind and we are speaking our mind on this first day of fall, or autumn if you prefer, to ask what is going on.

It is currently 92ยบ Fahrenheit in this garden and in case you didn't know it, that is hot for this time of year, this first day of fall.

It's so hot that Granny 'Gus' McGarden, who keeps the Vegetable Garden Cathedral going, has been keeping the okra going, as in blooming, in the fall. We all asked her why she did this and she said, "Because it is still hot out."

Well, we are garden fairies and we don't know if that is a good reason or not. We do know this. Carol only planted just two little puny rows of okra, less than three-foot rows, we might add, but we don't know why she did that because she never picked any to eat.

Oops, maybe we shouldn't have mentioned that little tidbit. Maybe we should just assume she's letting the pods stay on the plants and dry out on purpose so she can use them for crafts later.  Yes, that's it. Crafts. We would never imply or otherwise hint that Carol is actually a fairly lazy person.

Sure, she did pick most all of the tomatoes, but we saw a few green beans she missed. And some big zucchini squash that you could sell to a baseball team as bats they were so big. But really, truly, she's not that lazy of a gardener. We've seen worse.

Anyway, this weather is hot. We garden fairies do not like it. It is disrupting our plans to color up the leaves. Why? Because we don't like the heat. Geez, we wish Carol would water stuff around here. You should see...

Never mind. We are garden fairies, we don't tell tales. We just go about minding our business here at May Dreams Gardens, though we wish we could mind it in cooler weather.

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, chief scribe for the garden fairies at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Too hot for comfort outside. If I was a fairy I would head indoors for some AC controlled comfort.

  2. Dear Garden Fairies: It seems that you are not very loyal to Miss Carol. You know, what happens in the garden should stay in the garden. I will hope that you will endeavor to be more loyal and also to learn a bit of diplomacy. Really, why don’t you rat out the neighbors for a change?

  3. Dear fairies, we need rain, badly, but I do love the hot weather. I do not like what comes after fall.


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