If our blog posts were live...

Can you imagine if our blog posts were live, the way some of the videos are live on Facebook?

Hey Gail and Frances from Tennessee!

We would be typing along and people would start commenting and the next thing you know, instead of writing about what we were going to write...

Hey Dee from Oklahoma, thanks for joining.

Oh look! Someone from England just popped in. What time is it in England right now? Are they up late or what?

What was I writing about?

Oh, about how if a blog post was live like some of the Facebook videos.

"Yee haw" back at you Mary Ann in Idaho!

Wait, no, if blog posts were live like Facebook videos isn't actually the topic, it's more the method. You know typing live and then...

Hi Robin in Maryland.

The real topic is I bought some shrubs and they rode in the back seat.

Hey Cindy in Houston!  I hope you were spared from that Harvey storm.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh right. Shrubs. In the backseat.

Hi Helen from Indy.  You are such a faithful commenter.  How's your new garden?

Oh look, it's Lisa from southern Indiana. Hi, Lisa.

Anyway, the shrubs in the backseat started to do some backseat driving. Can you believe it?

"Let's stop for fertilizer," they said.

"No, we have fertilizer at home."

"But are we going to get some?"

"If you behave!"

"Define behave. We're shrubs. Not much we can do to mis-behave."

Hey Leslie in California!

That's pretty much how the conversation went all the way home.  I did manage to plant the two shrubs in record time. I needed to so they would be quiet, though I didn't give them any fertilizer, yet, so they could still cause some mischief.

Hi Layanee from Rhode Island.  How's the weather out your way?

Anyway, what else is going on around here?

Well, after I planted these two shrubs and three other shrubs, I decided I needed two more shrubs to complete the line up of shrubs I planted on the east side of the house in a bed next to the garage. I pulled out some non-performers there.  I'm going to get those last two shrubs on Monday.

What, no audio? Oh, sorry about that. This is a blog post so you just watch me type. We aren't supposed to have audio.

Anyway, I was trying to figure up how many different shrubs I've planted next to the garage and then pulled out for one reason or another. I think this is the fourth time. Maybe this time I'll be happy with what I've planted.

Hey Kathy in New York! Has it started snowing there yet?

I wonder if this live blogging will catch on anytime soon?

Or maybe we should stick to regular blogging and leave the live stuff on Facebook?


  1. Hey, Carol from Indy, you are too funny!

  2. Hey Carol! Hope those shrubs behaved themselves all the way home!

  3. Hey Carol! It's Lee from Long Island! What's going on for Bloom Day? Are the garden fairies behaving themselves?

  4. Not much going on in my garden right now. My backyard is a blank slate.

  5. Hey Carol, Are those shrubs planted yet?

  6. Hey Carol!

    'Live blogging' did happen when I opened my garden on the internet in 2008 - I was following Yolanda's comments around on the various blog posts I'd put up to show the garden. We finally managed to catch up with each other on the blog post which showed afternoon tea. How appropriate!

  7. Hey, Carol! MONARCHS! (They're my ADD "squirrel." LOL)

  8. Hey Carol, those are very cheeky shrubs already demanding things before they are even planted. I hope they work out where you planted them. Hard telling what they would say if your moved them or worse yet just jerked them out.


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