Fall is when we show true love for our gardens

If you don't fall in love with your garden all over again in the fall, then perhaps you don't love your garden at all?

It's easy to love a garden in the springtime when every plant seems fresh and new. Every day there are new blooms, new leaves, new sprouts.  And there you are, running from one springtime planting to the next—tired, dizzy, yet euphoric as the growing season begins. It's all so wonderful and exciting.

It's easy to love a garden in the summertime, too. The days fall into a rhythm of sorts. After that sprint of spring, we need a steadier beat, don't we? We water, we deadhead, we pick tomatoes. We repeat. We think the summer, the growing season, will never end.

Then the first yellow leaf of the honeylocust tree falls gently to the ground and we begin to sense another change.

Fall is coming.

In the fall, the garden starts to look a little shabbier. We can see more seedheads than flowers. The vegetable garden is a shadow of its former glory. It seems almost pointless to keep watering flowers that have few blooms left in them.

It isn't always easy to love a garden in the fall, but fall is when the gardeners' true love for their gardens shows.

Gardeners soon learn they must love their gardens in the fall if they want to have a spring in the garden. No matter how tired they are after the summer, they know fall is not the time to rest.

There is much to do in the garden in the fall. For some gardeners, those who really love their gardens, the list seems endless and the season seems short.

The gardeners who love their gardens in the fall plant bulbs, add a few more shrubs, maybe even plant a tree. They cut plants back. They rakes leaves, always returning them in some form back to their gardens, either as mulch or compost. They straighten up borders and maybe even add a few new borders in the fall because they know having those borders ready to plant before winter means spring will be just a little bit hectic.

Even as some plants die and other plants go dormant, in the fall the gardeners see life in their gardens.

They know, as we all should know, fall is the season when we show true love for our gardens.


  1. I love fall in the garden... You captured the feeling perfectly. Enjoy your fall!

  2. Yes, I love fall for these very reasons. It seems that the garden is tired and it enjoys any and all attention you give it.

  3. But are we going to have Fall in the garden this year? The 10 day forecast is still mostly 80+ degree days with just a few 70s. I shouldn't complain. There are a couple days with a 50% chance of rain. Over the past month, we haven't gotten anything other than a few drizzly rains that have evaporated almost as soon as they have fallen. Just hoping it's not in the 80s one day and snowing the next...

  4. I am planting a Arrowwood Viburnum in the front yard to replace a dead maple. I am looking forward to planting some bulbs around the shrub.

  5. I love Beauty Berry .. I have some that I transplanted from my parents property in Brown County Indiana...it is blooming now next to the shasta daisies..beautiful combination


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  7. You have captured the fall garden beautifully and it is a wonderful time of year as the garden transitions. I had just admired some Callicarpa while visiting a favorite herb farm near me on the south shore of Long Island,and it reminded me what gardening is all about...that part of the joy is watching all the changes that take place. Have a great week!


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