The Two Most Hopeful Words in All of Gardening

We say them a lot this time of year, the two most hopeful words in all of gardening.

These two words spur us to action. They revive our summer-weary souls.  They lift our spirits. They give us hope.

What are these magical two words? They are small words. Just four letters in each one.  Eight letters in all, plus a space.

But they are powerful words. Hopeful. Magical.  Invigorating.

No matter how your growing season turned out, these two words will make you forget the disappointments, the heartache, the body aches, the challenges of whatever your garden gave you. Whether your spring and summer was long or short, wet or dry, hot or cold, it doesn't matter.

With these two magic words, you'll forget the bad and remember the good. You'll be revived, you'll be chomping at the bit to get into the garden again.

What are these hopeful words?

You've probably said them already, not knowing how powerful they are.

The two most hopeful words in all of gardening are...

Next Year!

Next year is when we are going to have fewer weeds, bigger flowers, larger gardens, more vegetables.

Next year, the rain will come when we need it, the sun will shine on the weekends and all will be right in our gardens.

Next year, there will be bees and butterflies on every flower with no aphids or leaf eating beetles and the birds will sing louder from the trees.

Yes, next year.

There's still a lot of gardening to be done around my place, but already I'm whispering those two most hopeful words in all of gardening.

Next year.


Yes, I am already thinking Next Year!
Have a beautiful day
Cindy, MCOK said…
Those 2 words get said a lot around here.
Pat Webster said…
Love saying those words, loved reading this post.
Lisa Greenbow said…
Not only am I saying those two words I am making lists for next year.
Karen said…
Yup, it will be the best garden ever! (At least in my mind all winter long)
Lynn Fountain said…
It's what keeps us all going, right? Already planning for next year :)
Oh yes! Thinking about next year, especially since I have a blank slate in my backyard to think about.
Laurin Lindsey said…
The thing I love about reading blogs is it reminds to keep things in perspective. When other gardeners are enjoying their summer garden the plants and I are hunkering down and resting. Here in Houston TX we have two springs, fall being the second one and generally mild winters. We can get the odd hard freeze, last years was a record breaking doozy! But generally everything comes back by mid to late spring. Enjoy your respite we will be out planting and harvesting : )
RobinL said…
Yes! This. So much this!
Patsi said…
Thought I was taking a quiz and I . Your choice is the one I use the most NEXT YEAR. This word is used a lot because not much of any gardening was done here this year except CUT CUT and CUT again. Been mostly dealing with a jungle.