Garden Fairies Discuss Fall Garden Clean Up

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have lived through yet another killing frost. Whew. We know it is going to happen every year but for some reason we just weren't as ready for this one as maybe we should have been.

But we are garden fairies. We don't have to be ready for anything. That is Carol's job. Not ours. And yes, we are pleased to report that she must have known something was going to change because she was out in the Vegetable Garden Cathedral before the Big Frost of '17, as we now call it,  picking all the tomatoes and peppers that were worth picking.

There was a good amount of them, too, probably because we can't remember when was the last time Carol was out picking in the garden.

But I guess that isn't important to know now since she came out and picked the tomatoes and peppers before the killing frost, which by the way, was really pretty on the zinnias.  We credit Granny Gus McGarden for that display.  She has a way with frost, doesn't she?

In other news, we garden fairies are quite concerned with a decided lack of progress on fall garden clean up around here. We are garden fairies and we can't do everything which means we need for a certain gardener to get out here yesterday if not before to get this place cleaned up before the Christmas lights go up.

There is furniture to stow away, big pots to cover up, old annuals to pull up, leaves to rake and of course the constant weeding that isn't so much constant as it is a "let 'em get big and full of hope and then yank 'em out" event.

The good news is that we garden fairies saw that Carol planted more crocus corms and glory of the snow bulbs in the lawn the other day. She sure moves fast when she plants those. It was all we garden fairies could do to keep up with her and mark each spot so in the spring, which is more likely going to be February, we can push each bloom up out of the ground.

It's going to be a lot of work but we are garden fairies and we can do it!

Submitted by:

Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Fastest Crocus Marker at May Dreams Gardens


It seems getting ready for winter is not as much fun as getting ready for May .
Kathy said…
Granny Gus does indeed have a way with frost.
Yes, the fall round up is commencing.
Covegirl said…
I kind of wish I had Fall cleanup to do this year. I know I will have some next year, though!
RobinL said…
How will I know if Garden fairies come to live in my garden?
Rebecca said…
Your Zinnia was all dressed in diamonds and lace for her last dance. Beautiful blog and very fun writing style. :)