How Do You Know If You Have A Certified Garden Fairy Habitat?

The question on many a gardener's mind is how do you know if you have a certified garden fairy habitat.

Before you can even ask if your garden is a certified garden fairy habitat, you need to go through the following qualifying checklist and make sure you can answer "yes" to each one.

1. Do you have a garden? If yes, it might be garden fairy certified. If no, then why are you even bothering to answer these questions?

2. Do you have flowers in your garden? Flowers are absolutely required for a certified garden fairy habitat. And the more types of flowers you have, the better the garden fairies like it. They need a variety of flowers including those with petals, like daisies which they sew together for simple, modest garments. They also need bell shaped flowers for their hats. And they like to see flowers blooming nearly year round.

3. Does your garden attract birds?  I like to say that wherever there are birds, there are garden fairies. If your garden attracts a good number of birds, beyond nasty ol' starlings, then chances are good you have planted a garden fairy habitat.

4. Does your garden have a water feature or other source of fairly clean water?  Even a birdbath can help ensure a garden is suitable for garden fairies.

5. Does your garden include edibles, like vegetables? Many gardeners don't plant vegetables, which is  sad because garden fairies love vegetables. But fortunately, garden fairies also like edible fruit so if you have no vegetables but have some plants with edible fruits you might still have a cerified garden fairy habitat. If you have nothing edible in your garden, well that is just sad all the way around and how do you expect to attract garden fairies without food for them?

6. Are there good hiding places in your garden?  If you can't decide if there are good hiding places, lay flat on your stomach in the middle of the garden and look around. Do you see hiding places?  Surely you must! Otherwise, where do the birds go when the neighbor's cat slinks in? Wherever the birds hide, you are likely to find a garden fairy or two or three or even a dozen.

7. Do you laugh in your garden? Laughter attracts garden fairies. Yelling does not.

8. Is there dappled shade in your garden?  Garden fairies absolutely do not like to sit out in the blazing hot sun so you must have some shade for them.

9. Is your garden a little bit messy?  Everyone knows that garden fairies abhor perfection in a garden. They much prefer a few weeds, maybe some flowers that probably should be deadheaded. But the garden can't be untended. No garden fairies will stay long in an untended garden. That's a fact.

10.  Do you spend time in your garden? If you do, you may find that your pruners, trowels, and gloves go missing momentarily when you are out working in your garden because one of the garden fairies' favorite way to pass the time is to hide tools and watch gardeners look for them. It's a laugh a minute for them, even while it is frustrating for the gardeners. In fact, the more frustrated the gardener gets while trying to look for lost tools, which are really hidden by garden fairies, the more fun the fairies have.

If you answered Yes to all of the above questions, congratulations, you are qualified to have a certified garden fairy habitat.  If you answered No to some of the questions, even one of the questions, you probably don't have a garden fairy habitat of any kind, certified or not certified.

And if you do have a garden fairy habitat, how do you know if it is certified? Only the garden fairies themselves can certify a garden fairy habitat, but chances are, they will in due time if all your answers are yes!


  1. I wish mine would return my CobraHead tool to a spot that is highly visible. They hid it really well this time.

  2. YES! I now have blueberries in my garden, so they ought to be happy.

  3. I think my garden fairies came inside when I brought all my potted plants in!
    If some are still outside, my hedges are full of berries, and there are still some sweet peas in the garden.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I was able to answer yes to all these questions. I'm almost certain I have fairies. I've even given them their own special house. It's a project I just worked on this fall and finished in time for Halloween. The story of my wife's Fairy House is at

  5. I think all the deer poop in my yard might be discouraging the fairies from living here. I know it makes my journey to the compost pile an exercise in avoidance. I'll keep working on the rest of the elements though, in hopes that the fairies will find suitable space.

  6. Hopefully I will have one started in the Spring!

  7. I'm positive that I have fairies in my garden. I've learned that the garden fairies thrive in gardens with aquilegias an I have plenty of them in my garden :)

  8. Thank you for sharing your tips! I'll definitely take them into account and make them work =)


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