Garden Fairies Welcome Wintry Weather

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we would like to say that we welcome the wintry weather that has finally arrived in our garden.

Now we don't have to feel guilty when we don't do anything in the garden, though let us tell you there is plenty that should  still be done.

Granny Gus McGarden is in a tizzy and a snit, too, in the Vegetable Garden Cathedral because Carol hasn't pulled out even one zinnia. They are all still standing, sort of. Some of them have been knocked over by creatures and wind, but is that giving Carol the hint that it is time to pull those out and compost them?

Apparently, if it is giving Carol the hint, she's not taking the bait. And yes, we are garden fairies, we can mix metaphors like that all we want.

Granny is pleased, however, that all the vegetable beds have been cleared out in the cathedral and Carol has covered them all up with a nice, thick layer of shredded leaves and grass clippings. She and Granny hope those winter blankets will keep the weeds from proliferating too freely in the fallow soil.

Look at us garden fairies tossing around fancy agricultural words like fallow. Though, technically, as Granny pointed out, the beds are not fallow. They are just resting through winter. Carol will start planting them again by St. Patrick's Day.  We are garden fairies, you can set your calendar by this.

In other news, we garden fairies worked overtime on Monday making sure to pull all the leaves off the trees. While some would say it was the wind that knocked the leaves off, we garden fairies know better. It's a lot of work!

Though it was fun to watch Carol run the mower over the lawn to pick up what she thought was the last of the leaves, but it wasn't. We garden fairies sprinkled more leaves on the lawn after she was done mowing and so you know what she did? She mowed again.

Perhaps her time might have been better spent pulling out all those zinnias?

Anyway, we are garden fairies and we are mostly out of tree leaves so now we are turning our attention to the winter flowers.

That's right. Winter flowers, like the lovely Christmas rose which we posted a picture of above.

Some of the garden fairies, including Sweetpea MorningGlory, are hoping for a lot of flowers on the Christmas roses so they can make some new clothes for winter.  Those petals make the best fairy skirts and britches this side of May Dreams Gardens.

In the meantime, some of the other garden fairies are on watch at the back door to the house, hoping to sneak into the sunroom for the winter whenever Carol opens the door. We shall see if they do.

In the meantime,  once again, we are garden fairies and with this post, we have saved this blog from winter dormancy.

You're welcome.

Submitted by:

Violet GreenPea MayDreams, Chief Scribe and Winner of the Annual Garden Fairy Leaf Coloring Competition for the 10th year in a row.


  1. Those tricky garden fairies always holding some leaves in reserve....

  2. 'Pink Frost' is blooming in my garden. It will make pretty pink skirts for the fairies in my garden.

  3. Those rascals, always shuffling leaves around in the garden.

  4. You garden fairies always make me laugh especially the part about putting more leaves down on the lawn after Carol mowed them. My garden fairies did that here too.~~Dee

  5. The leaves just don't go away easily!

  6. Ha ha I always love hearing from the Garden Fairies!


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