Garden Fairies Sound an Alarm

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are on high alert. We are sounding an alarm.

Why you, ask, are we on high alert? We are we sounding an alarm?

Because there are red, orange, blue and green flags all over the place all over the front garden all over.

And spray paint, too.  Stripes in orange and red and blue and green.  Though, the green stripe does not show up well on the lawn.

At first we thought, "WHAT IS CAROL UP TO NOW?"  But then we saw her looking at the flags, too, and scratching her head wondering about them so then we realized while Carol is up to something because she's always up to something, she isn't up to these flags.

So we sent Seedy and Soddy on a mission to figure things out and they figured out that there are some people running around putting flags All Over The Neighborhood. Everywhere. Flags.

As it turns out, they are going to be installing wires underground for something they call fiber optics, which will provide something else called high-speed internet access which will be available to anyone willing to pay for it.

Well, Carol says she's not getting it because she thinks her internet is fast enough now anyway. She did mention she might call the people who currently provide her fast enough internet and threaten to jump ship to the other people just to get her price lowered but otherwise, she isn't all that interested.

She needs to wake up though and help us garden fairies out because some of those lines they painted go right near some crocuses.

Too close! We garden fairies are going to need some help around here. Carol needs to go through this garden right now and move some of these crocuses out of the way.

We garden fairies do not like how this looks. Not one bit. We are near verklempt. Even ol' steady himself, Tangle Rainbowfly, is looking a bit anxious.  But not Carol. She doesn't seem all that concerned. That means she's gotta be up to something. We are garden fairies. We are going to figure out what that something is.

Submitted by:  Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies here at May Dreams Garden With the Painted Stripes


  1. Simmer down Violet. Carol knows what to do. Have a little faith.

  2. I do hope Carol takes care of it so you can all rest easily...

  3. I do wish my garden fairies would report the same kind of tags here. Our internet is abysmal. ~~Dee

  4. Underground! Wish they were all underground here! Btw, you can trust Carol.

  5. Underground is good, however you will now have to keep an eye on Carol and not let her cut through that fast internet cable. Those fibers are difficult to fix.

  6. Oh, the joy of putting the shovel in the ground and realizing I hit the cable line. NOT! I have left some flags out as reminders.

  7. Hitting the cables has happened to us. What an inconvenience! Sometimes technology is a pain in the bum!

  8. Fairies - be glad you have the green lawn and crocus to worry over. Here in Minnesota the fairies are still sleeping under a blanket of snow. The north hill in the back has a bit of land showing so the hope here is the fairies will awake and help melt the snow. Do you know - is that in their job description?
    Be alert to heavy machines digging big holes!


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