Lonely yet fun-loving book seeks...

Lonely, yet fun-loving book seeks a companion book.

Must have a great sense of humor and be willing to be taken outside into a garden.

They say opposites attract but so, too, does a similar view of what's fun and funny.

The right companion book must be willing to be called "the second book" without being offended but will hopefully be loved and enjoyed as much as the first book.

A willingness to travel to other homes and gardens is also a must, as is the ability to make people laugh and enjoy gardening whether they grow one plant or acres of gardens.

Signed:  Potted and Pruned: Living a Gardening Life


New book seeks a companion book that can show it the ropes and guide it through the publishing process. 

Was born with a keen sense of humor, with secrets that can only be discovered by those who seek to befriend and open such a book. Also doesn't mind being called "the second book" as long as the first book shares a similar sense of humor.

Will be arriving in a few weeks and hopes to find not only a good companion book waiting for it but also eager readers, friends of the first book, willing to give it a chance. Travel is not a problem.

Signed:  Homegrown and Handpicked: A Year in a Gardening Life


Stay tuned! Soon, the second book, Homegrown and Handpicked: A Year in a Gardening Life, will arrive, meet Potted and Pruned: Living a Gardening Life, and live happily ever after in libraries, homes, and gardens wherever good humor and gardening reside.


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