Do you have your current issue of Country Gardens magazine nearby?

Go get it!

You didn't bury it in a stack of mail, did you? Or toss it on your nightstand where it promptly got buried under a tower of books? Or flip it on that stack of other magazines on your coffee table?

Don't tell me you left it in your bathroom reading room!

Just go get it.

Even if that means you have to get in your car and drive to a local newsstand to buy it.

If you have to do that, memorize that cover picture. Make sure you get the Spring 2018 edition, Vol. 27, No. 2. Make sure there is a subscription card insert in it so you don't ever find yourself in the embarrassing predicament of not having a magazine when I tell you to go get it.

Go get it.

Got it?


I'll wait.

But not for long!

Turn to page 109.

What do you see?

You see a picture of my book and a review of it, that's what you see!

"Squeee" is the best way to describe the feeling one gets when you see your own book reviewed in a national magazine.

And then you take a picture of your actual book with the review of the book.  

Now, do as the review says to do. "Pull up a chair, get a nice drink...", and then proceed to read my book.

And if you don't have my book, click over there on either my first book's cover or my second book's cover to go to my book page. (Or just click on my book page).  Then from there, click on your preferred method of purchasing my first book or my second book.



outlawgardener said…
Hooray! How cool is that?
Joanne said…
very nice! Congrats! I have book one but got side tracked with another book - just pulled it back up to the top of the stack to read today since we are expecting another snowstorm. No outdoor gardening here!