Garden Fairies Issue an Ultimatum

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are issuing an ultimatum regarding Carol and this garden.

Here is our ultimatum.

Carol has until Monday to remove all excuses and reasons, whether made up or real, and get out into this garden and get it into shape or else.

We are garden fairies.

Carol has had every excuse in the book during the entire month of March and extending into April as to why she has not commenced with garden clean up.

It's too cold.

It's too rainy.

It snowed.

Well, yes, there have been some weather events around here, the likes of which we garden fairies, even Granny Gus McGarden, have never seen before. Nearly ten inches of snow one weekend, in March, for starters.  And the other day there was over three inches of rain, and that was just by lunchtime.

But did we garden fairies stop our work because of weather? We did not. Wind, rain, snow, ice, frost, cold, clouds. It didn't matter! We are garden fairies and we did our job. We opened flowers. We pushed out some new leaves.

We were not deterred.

At some point, we garden fairies learned you've just got to get on with spring with whether spring has arrived or not!

But Carol was deterred.

And then there were all those other excuses.  "I'm reading." "There's a new season of 'Father Brown' mysteries on Netflix." "I'm going to go speak about gardening." "I'm writing."

On and on and on with the excuses!

Carol even bought those new gardening pants. And we garden fairies, who know better, got all excited thinking, "Okay. Now's she's going to tear it up out in this garden."  And she did, for about two hours one day.

So, dear readers, you can see why we have reached this point where we are having to do the extra work of issuing an ultimatum.

And then we'll show Carol. We are going to trick her!

We are going to go so far as to make it so Carol has to mow the grass next week. We know Carol. She'll come running out here in her fancy new gardening pants if there is grass to mow.  She won't hardly be able to wait. Rain, cold, snow, ice, frost. None of that will matter then!


We are garden fairies!

Submitted by:

Violet Sweetpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe of the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens!


Granny insisted we show you the picture of the peas she's pushing up out in the Vegetable Garden Cathedral.
And the daffodils, too.
Which prove beyond any doubt that we are garden fairies and we are busy!


  1. Thank goodness someone is busy in the garden despite all the set backs.

  2. Even my garden fairies are buried under snow. Spring? I think not.

  3. You and your garden faries crack me up, Carol! This post reminds me of how long I've been procrastinating dusting and vacuuming my apartment. My only excuse is that I garden in Southern California where the bees, butterflies and hummers need me more than the dust mites!


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