What a Gardener Doesn't Want to Hear

This morning the weatherman announced a bit too joyfully that we had experienced some kind of snow event on six of the first nine days of April.

A gardener doesn't want to hear that.

But whether or not she hears the report, a gardener must still deal with weather, whether too cold or too hot, or too dry or too wet, and get on with it in the garden in the spring.

Because the weeds seem to be growing just fine regardless of the weather.  They seem to actually be thriving in the cold.

And the clean up doesn't just happen. Old zinnias don't shrivel up in the cold and blow away.

And early spring vegetable seeds don't sow themselves. They don't jump out of their packets and escape to the outdoors without the gardener.

Therefore, even with hearing weather reports I do not like and acknowledging the realities of weeds, seeds, and garden clean up, I hereby pledge that I will work in the garden any day above freezing from here on out.

As long as it isn't snowing.

Or raining.

Or too cold.

That's my pledge, my promise, and I'm sticking to it.

Where are my ear muffs?


Covegirl said…
I am just hoping to get out and do a little cleaning up in the front bed. I do not have much, since I was just able to plant a little last year.
It doesn't bother to have gloves on at this time of year either.
Alana said…
The weather has been unbelievable. Where I live has escaped most of the snow, but getting flurries day after day after day has worn us all down. And, right now, I know three people battling pneumonia.
Nacy Johnson said…
This winter was a rough one, but thankfully the sun and the warmth is starting to dominate up here. Ready for the beauty to flourish in my garden!