What once was lost has now been found

I like to start out my blog posts with a pretty picture, even if the picture doesn't relate to the blog post topic.

Today's pretty picture is of my trout lilies. Sorry about the full sun exposure, but I'm not sorry it's a sunny day!

I do wish these trout lilies, Erythronium americanum, had been blooming on Wednesday. They would have made a nice topic for Wildflower Wednesday, hosted by Gail at Clay and Limestone.

She featured Sedum ternatum on her blog post this month. It's a native sedum that does well in moist, shady spots.

You cannot see it in the picture of my trout lilies, but just off to the left, I also have a nice patch of Sedum ternatum.

You also cannot see the native giant white trilliums (Trillium grandiflorum) in bloom nearby, to the right.

That's three native wildflowers are blooming in the shade of the native honey locust, Gleditsia triancanthos.

If I had been on the ball, and the flowers had all been blooming, I could have written a nice post about them for Wildflower Wednesday.

Instead, here it is a few days later and I'm posting about my gardening knife.  I lost it for awhile.

Spoiler alert! I eventually found it.

When I lost it, I had to get my back up gardening knife, the one I bought when I thought I'd lost my main gardening knife for good a while back. I was convinced at the time that my main gardening knife was buried in one of several bags of garden refuse headed to the curb to be burned by the city.  Don't judge. The trash was mostly weeds. I send weeds to the fiery furnace, not the compost pile, don't you?

Anyway, I don't like my back up knife as well as my main knife so I kept looking for for the main knife. I checked the basket by the back door, where I throw tools when I come in from the back garden. I checked the garage shelf by the door into the house. I checked the garage shelf by the overhead garage door.

I checked a few other places where I sometimes toss tools when I am done with them. Then I looked around the garden where I remembered last using it.

High and low and all around I looked. I could not find my main gardening knife.

At this point, you might be thinking, "Carol, you need fewer places where you keep tools and then they'd be easier to find."

Don't judge.  Where were we?

To continue this story... The whole time while I was looking, I was blaming the garden fairies for the loss of my main gardening knife. But, to keep my momentum going in the garden, I also began to use my back up gardening knife, even though I don't like it as well as my main gardening knife.

Then today, while setting the patio up for summer, I finally found my main gardening knife.

It was on the window ledge. Right where I presume I left it. Or where the garden fairies put it when they lost interest in keeping it from me, once they saw I was moving on with my back up gardening knife.

I should have looked on that window ledge earlier. After all, a window ledge was my dad's favorite place to put his gardening tools. We could always find his pruners and trowel on one particular window ledge if he wasn't using them. I'll have to remember to look on my window ledge sooner next time I misplace my main gardening knife. Maybe that's where the garden fairies put them when they find them?

Now, where is my back up gardening knife?


  1. Love that you found you knife and that wildflowers are blooming. xoxo

  2. Doesn't it feel good to find that which was lost.

  3. I'm glad your found your knife. I'm always losing my tools in the garden.LOL! I find them, eventually!

  4. Hope you find your backup knife! I've decided to leave duplicates of tools all over my yard--front, back and side. Nothing bugs me more when I have to go from the front garden to the back garden to find my gardening tool. I'm thinking of getting a gardening tool shed for the front yard. Something attractive. Maybe also filled with snacks.

  5. I have left clippers behind as I work my way along. Gardeners get distracted easily. They go out the door on a mission only to see a weed or perhaps a blown-over plant that needs staking. By the time we finish a chore and need clippers again, they are lost. Finding your garden knife safe and sound is definitely a 'fairy in the garden' gift to you. I must remember to ask their help next time I put my clippers down and can't find them.

  6. I have resorted to using mostly orange- and red-handled hand tools for this very reason. And last time I bought garden knives, I bought two, just so I’d have a backup - which, of course, has already disappeared. I found a buried weeder in my garden once after at least three years - with the handle nearly decomposed.

  7. Just like Mulchmaid, I lost my favorite weeder in the compost pile (apparently I had put it in the bucket, which I almost never do, and it got dumped). Found several years later and yup, the handle was too far gone. The company that made it is out of business and I haven't been able to find another weeder with tines as narrow. I did succomb to buying a garden knife just like your favorite garden knife and so far I haven't misplaced it once!

  8. The fairies hide my garden scissors. I keep buying them. They keep taking them.

  9. Oh my, I just love your humor! And why is it that I have a perfectly lovely garden knife that I won as a prize, yet I can’t seem to remember to try it out?

  10. Great way to keep your sense of humor about it. I absolutly hate when I misplace things and I can't find it. Thanks for story!


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