Pop-up showers, it's all in the roots of the beholder

I was feeling pleased with myself, even a little smug, about how well I was keeping up with the weeds in my garden.  I thought for once I was in control of the situation and the weeds were sort of, kind of, mostly, possibly vanquished from at least those areas where I attempted to remove them.

(Hey, don't go back behind the grape arbor, I haven't gotten back there to weed. Stay where I tell you!)

Anyway, I was resting on my laurels a bit, looking at the places in the garden where I had been edging, thinking I was finally ahead of the weeding game.

Of course, we haven't gotten much rain, except for a few pop-up showers.

Do you know what happens when you get an occasional pop-up shower on your garden but no other rain, and it is hot and sunny?

The plants you planted are not happy. Even after the pop-up shower, they are all wilting and crying out "Water me!" "I think I'm going to just up and die if I don't get more water."  "That pop-up shower wasn't enough." "I need to speak to someone in charge about getting more water or I'm out of here." "What kind of place is this? I'm going to give it one star on Yelp if I don't get some water." "Where's the gardener with her hose?"

On and on with the whining and complaining.

But the weeds?

After one pop up shower, they are ready to go. I can almost hear them shouting, "Party's on!" "Woo-hoo, just enough water for me to grow another foot!"  "Weed seedlings, wake up, it's time to get your groove on!" "Wow this is a nice place, I can grow a lot here!" "Hey, watch me flower and fling my seeds all over before she even knows I'm here." "Out of the way, sissy plants, we weeds are taking over now."

On and on with the celebrating and partying.

What's a gardener to do?

Grab a hose, grab a hoe, and try to regain some control.

That's what a gardener has to do!


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