Fortune Cookies For Gardeners

Fortune cookies for gardeners:

"All your weeds are wildflowers."

"Dig deep for the secret to happiness in your garden."

"A well-pruned garden is the sign of a gardener with too much time."

"All wildflowers are not weeds. All weeds, sadly, are not wildflowers."

"You will have flowers in your garden if you sow the right seeds."

"She who eats from her garden will never go hungry."

"To find the good in your garden, visit other gardens."

"Sow the right seeds."

"Watch for falling leaves, then look up."

"She who allows weeds to grow ends up with a weedy garden."

"Count your roses, not their thorns."

"If you want to enjoy a happy life, plant a garden."

"First, the garden."

"A life awaits you in your garden."

"There is life in a garden wherever there is a gardener."

"Your garden reflects your inner beauty."

"No one with a garden is unhappy."

"Without a garden, one can never be truly happy."

"From your garden comes your life."

"She who looks for gardening advice from a fortune cookie should go read a book instead."

"Humor abides in the garden and makes every flower brighter."


Kathy said…
He who leaves no stone unturned will have a sore back.

To keep crows out of the corn patch, plant rhubarb instead.

Those aren't original to me. Credit goes to Sid Fleischman.
Dee Nash said…
Plant berried and the birds will come. ;-) ~~Dee
Karen said…
Gardens are not made…by sitting in the shade. (Kipling)