Lettuce and Thistle: Two Sides to Every Gardener

I sometimes think there are two gardeners tending this garden. Or possibly one gardener with a split personality.

There is Carol the Lettuce-Do-It-Gardener, who does things like sow seeds for morning glory vines. She's convinced that she'll somehow keep them from self-sowing all over the place.

And then there is Carol the Thistle-Take-Some-Work-Gardener who will have to spend hours weeding out morning glory vine seedlings while muttering about who thought sowing seeds for morning glories was a good idea.

Lettuce thought it was a good idea!

Thistle will clean up the mess.

They have quite the back and forth conversations.

"Lettuce order up 1,000 crocus corms to plant in the lawn this fall."

"Thistle take a lot of work to plant those 1,000 corms."

"Lettuce try to grow camellias!"

"Thistle be sad when we have to pull out those dead camellias."

"Lettuce plant some figs!"

"Thistle be a waste of time if we get frost before the fruit ripens."

"Lettuce make this garden border bigger!"

"Thistle take more time to weed and mulch."

Back and forth they go, Lettuce and Thistle. Thistle and Lettuce.

Guess who usually gets her way?  Lettuce think. Thistle be easy to figure out!

See how pretty that morning glory flower is?

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  1. I learned my lesson years ago when I planted a beautiful pink with a white stripe mornning glory. It was the tallest morning glory I ever saw too. But it didn't come back as that color and I am still pulling out morning glories every year. UGH... I have never seen a pretty enough morning glory that would tempt me to even try again.

  2. Lettuce just say thistle have to be included in your next book!

  3. I love heavenly Blue Morning Glories.I have never had a problem, but you never know!

  4. I’m new to your blog and just love your posts. This one made me laugh since I just had a morning glory session with my neighbor who can’t get rid of it. It has taken over and she’s pulled a bucket full of them with no ending in sight.

  5. Love this - I grow my Morning glories in a large pot on my deck, I get the beautiful flowers growing all over the deck but no trouble with seedlings the next year.


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