The Laziest Gardener in the World, A Garden Fairy's Tale

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are here to proclaim that Carol is the laziest gardener in the world.

We have evidence!

The other day, Granny 'Gus' McGarden came crying out of the vegetable garden because the lettuce was flowering. Now, normally, the presence of flowers is something to celebrate, but not when it is lettuce flowers.

As Granny knows, once a vegetable plant stops producing, the rule is you are supposed to yank it out and sow seeds for something else, like green beans.

Oh, don't get us started on green beans. Granny reports that they are ready to pick and she even saw Carol pick one and eat it, right there in the garden. She thought for sure that meant Carol would go get a bowl and commence to picking the beans.

But she did not. She went back inside where it is cool and never showed her face again that day.

Anyway, Granny had just declared that the lettuce flowers proved once and for all that Carol is indeed the laziest gardener ever when Ol' Tangle Rainbowfly came running up to the group, as out of breath as we had ever seen him.

We waited a minute for him to catch his breath and then after a big drink of Lavender Tea brewed by none other than Granny, Tangle told us his story.

Apparently, he was resting in a nearby arborvitae, thinking about how if no one did anything, the bagworms hanging all over it, getting fatter and fatter as they ate all the leaves, were going to kill it outright and then he'd have to find another spot for a morning nap.

No sooner had he thought this, then here came Carol with a plastic bag and she stopped right there in front of the arborvitae and started to pick off the bagworms and drop them one by one into the plastic bag.

Tangle said Carol spent quite a bit of time picking off those bagworms, too, and the whole time he was jumping from limb to limb, from one side to the other, trying to keep from being noticed.  He said he was pretty sure she didn't notice him, though she was staring intently at the arborvitae trying to find all the bagworms.

Based on what Tangle said, we think she got most of those bagworms.  He also said she probably saved that arborvitae from sure death by bagworms and she is the hardest working gardener he has ever seen.

Doesn't it just go to show? One fairy's lazy gardener is another fairy's hardest working gardener.

It's a conundrum how that is.

But it is.

Carol is most definitely the laziest hardest working gardener ever or maybe the hardest working laziest gardener ever.

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Happiest Garden Fairy at May Dreams Gardens

P.S.  Carol still hasn't pulled out that lettuce that is flowering, nor has she picked any green beans except the one she ate.  Maybe today.


  1. Her friends will encourage Carol to pick those beans ASAP!

  2. As a newbie to this blog I am now confused, are Carol and Granny one and the same or different people entirely? Maybe I need to read some previous posts to work this out, but it's way too hot sat here at the computer with the sun streaming through the window, so perhaps when it rains. Highly amusing regardless.

  3. Penny Post, the garden fairies are not Carol... for the most part. The closest one to Carol might be Violet, who writes the posts.

  4. It’s too hot to do anything other than be lazy gardeners. I’ll allow it.


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