The Seedy Side of Gardening

I've recently encountered a few gardeners who never sow seeds.

The idea of opening up a packet full of seeds and sowing them somewhere in their garden is foreign to them. Seeds are a mystery they haven't solved, and they have no idea how hard or easy it is to grow plants from seeds.

To all those gardeners, I welcome them to visit the seedy side of gardening, which is filled with flowers and vegetables that are easy to grow from seed.

How easy? So easy you just need to shake the seeds of the packet, scatter them on the ground, sprinkle a little soil over them, and water them in.

That's how easy.

Yes, some seeds can be a little more complicated to sow than that but you can find out about those later, once we plant the seed within you that growing plants from seeds is easy. Once you come over to the seedy side of gardening.

Look what you can get from a packet of seeds!

You can get a container of lettuce right on your back patio where it is easy to go out and cut a few leaves whenever you need them for a sandwich or a salad.

You can grow flowers that will be taller than you within a matter of weeks after putting a little seed in the ground.

You can pick your own sweet corn from your own garden if you will just sow a few seeds.

Marigolds? Oh yes, it is quite easy to grow beautiful margolds from seeds.

And if you sow a few seeds, you can enjoy your own lovely zinnias, too.

Come over to the seedy side of gardening, my gardener friends.

I promise you, you'll never look back once you sow a few seeds and find out how fun, easy, and did I mention economical, it is to grow flowers and vegetables from seeds.


  1. Keeping the seeds irrigated until they germinate and grow is the challenge here! That said, I plant more seeds with each passing year. I've finally even started to gather seeds from my own garden too. Maybe it'll forestall my trip to the poor house...

  2. Oh yes, if I can grow it from seed I DO grow it from seed! Seed packets are as addictive as nursery plants for me - can't pass a rack or catalogue without checking it out :) And is the a "Peggy's Delight" zinnia in that first photo? It's one of my favourites!

  3. It is a much more economical way to go!

  4. I plant so many annuals by seed. It is fun to watch the plants pop out of the ground.

  5. Every summer I think I will do more of this and yet they never get planted. When I do get things planted I do feel so accomplished because there is more color in the the garden.


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