Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2018

Welcome to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day for August 2018.

It's been a summer so far, that's for sure. Lots of hot days and occasionally a few rainy days which generally have come right when we were beginning to think, "oh, no, is this a drought year?"

And the garden is handling it all quite well.

At one time I thought August was a bit of a lull when it came to blooms in my garden. But I've been steadily working on that and now I've got quite a few blooms to show you.

Let's start off with the black-eyed Susans, Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii 'Goldsturm'. There are quite a few varieties of B.E.S. out there. This particular one has been quite reliable for me.  It does self-sow a bit, but not in an aggressive way. And my patch is in a bit more shade every year and doesn't seem to mind that, either. It's a keeper.

See the captions for the rest of the show and go down to the end for the usual instructions...
I love the narrow petals on Rudbeckia subtomentosa 'Henry Eilers'.

Kind of tall, golden yellow and I've long forgotten the name but it is pretty!

Lycoris squamigera put on a good show and is now slowly fading and going wherever faded flowers go.

Pow! Look at the size of the blooms on Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight'.

Joe Pye Weed draws in a lot of butterflies and bees this time of year.

Zinnias. It isn't a late summer garden without them.

And marigolds. Just one whiff and I'm a little girl again, running around my dad's garden.

Figs! I've got figs. I count them as blooms because the flowers are inside the fruit.

Phlox 'David'. A stunning white. Glows in the dark. Yes, it does.

This is the first year for a big flush of bloom on Clematis heracleifolia 'Mrs. Robert Brydon'.

Close up of those flowers because they are pretty. 

It's a mint, and it stays compact and doesn't run and I cannot remember its name. Bees love it.

A lovely pineapple lily that overwintered in the ground, from Brent and Becky's Bulbs.

I planted a whole bunch of Allium 'Millenium' and it is blooming all over the place.

Finally, good ol' sunflowers. Way taller than me!

And that's what's blooming in my garden in mid-August. What's blooming in your garden? We'd love to have you join in for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and show us. It's easy to participate. Just post on your blog about what's blooming in your garden on or about the 15th of the month, then come back here and leave a link in the Mr. Linky widget and a comment to tell us what you have.

And remember, always,

"We can have flowers nearly every month of the year." ~ Elizabeth Lawrence


  1. I was sent over by Dorothy. I enjoyed my visit!

  2. Lovely shots of flowers, Bloom of Hydrangea is massive beauty it doesnt grow good in our climate ,never heard of Pineapple lily they are stunning .

    Please visit my blog to know whats blooming

  3. Well, I hope I did that right. I sent only six pictures this month, and one is a picture of tomatoes. They bloomed earlier. Perhaps I should have gotten some of their flowers in the picture.
    Joe Pye weed has been appearing in other articles lately. It is something I know nothing about, but everyone else seems to be acquainted with it. I has me wondering.
    I featured 'David' phlox earlier. It is uncommon for us. I thought I had something to brag about.
    I did not think of sending a picture of the figs. There are fourteen fig trees! Well, you got that one covered.

  4. Pow indeed! What a show. Very envious of your 'Limelight' with its lovely big blooms. Mine seems to have suffered from our very untypical weather this year.

  5. How grand it is to be back joining in with Blooms Day again. It's been quite a different year here in the UK, owing to the drought, though we seem to have returned to normal conditions this week - whatever they may be!

  6. Lots of beauty in your garden - the phlox, the hydrangea and yes, one of my favorites, the zinnia. Yes, August has a lot to offer.

  7. Your garden is looking great! Thanks for sharing it with everyone

  8. I did the calculation last night and in the last 28 days we have gotten 16 inches of rain! I'M glad we chose so many water loving plants, but the water is deeper and travelled farther this year than the other two years we have been here. I think the heucherellas and bleeding hearts are done for. More rain is predicted.

  9. A pineapple lily - something I have never seen! Thanks for the link to Bret and Becky's Bulbs. I am off to drool and dream.
    Thanks for hosting the link-up party.


  10. I envy your success with sunflowers - and Rudbeckia! We're months away yet from seeing any rain but luckily I have hoses. Thanks, as always, for hosting!

  11. Hi Carol,
    Your flowers are beautiful as always and artfully displayed in your blog. The fig caught my eye, as I have a oakleaf fig in a container that enjoys summer on the shaded porch and returns to a sunny spot indoors in fall. Figs have formed and we hope to have treats soon. Nice to see they grow outdoors there. We're USDA Zone 4-5a here. Brenda in South Dakota

  12. Hello Carol, so said that it's already August 15th, but the fact that it's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day makes me happy. So much gardening goodness to see. Happy Gardening!

  13. Lots of great warm late summer blooms in your garden! The oranges and golds are so cheerful and warm. I especially like Lycoris squamigera but have never grown them myself. Happy GBBD and thanks again for hosting!

  14. Happy Bloomday Carol! I'm jealous of your pineapple lily bloom. My plants are only putting up foliage this year.

  15. So funny that I just stumbled across your marvelous blog post, today of all days, when I finally get my own garden-related blog post up for the first time in four months. I love this fun theme of yours and love everything growing in your garden. Enjoy the rest of summer's bounty.


  16. thanks for hosting, have added my post all oranges and purples

  17. sorry for some reason my link wont upload so its here

  18. You have some lovely blooms for August Carol and some of them are my favorites! Your Limelight Hydrangea and Rudbeckia are gorgeous and I think I may need to look into that Allium 'Millenium'! This has been one of the hottest and rainiest Augusts I can remember with temperatures in the 90's and frequent thunderstorms. Thanks for hosting Bloom Day. Come visit and see what's blooming!

  19. Jealous. I never did get Henry Eilers to take off in my garden. I love those narrow petals. I hope your good balance of sun and rain continues!

  20. Thanks for doing this for us garden bloggers! I remembered this month, and I even got things posted here correctly!
    Your zinnias are lovely. I tried dwarf ones this year, and they didn't do very well.

  21. I am so glad I follow May Dreams Gardens! I got inspired by your post to start writing my garden blog again. And all the other blogs are so awesome too!

  22. Always a fan of Goldstrum, so matter the time of year. I see your August Dream GArden is doing quite well..

  23. Those are some really nice flowers. That's more than enough of a proof that you did an excellent job of taking care of them despite the hot days.

    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Hi Carol, how can I further behind in posting every month. The fullness of life is certainly the enemy of good intentions. At any rate I'm happy to participate once again. — jw


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