Garden fairies are left alone and...

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we were left alone for almost an entire week here at May Dreams Gardens.

We aren't complaining, though, because with Carol away we were able to catch up on growing weeds and let us tell you, we are chuffed and proud at the size of some of the weeds around here.

Ol' Rainbow Tanglefly said we've done as good a job at growing weeds as he's ever seen. But we can't take all the credit because it did rain quite a bit in Carol's absence. But we will take some of the credit. Like 99% of it!

Carol, on the other hand, well, she isn't quite as pleased with the giant weeds as we thought she'd be but we are garden fairies so we aren't all that concerned about what she pleases her and doesn't please her.

Now, astute readers are going to ask, "If Carol was gone for a week, a week which included Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, how did she post about the blooms in her garden on the 15th of the month which she has done for over 10 years?"

Let us tell you how she did that. She took pictures on August 10th, wrote a post, and then told the computer gremlins to hold it and not post it until August 15th. That's what she did! Is that cheating? We are garden fairies so we will not judge. We will let you fine readers judge!

Then today when Carol came out to mow the lawn, because after a week it needed it even though she "short-cut" it before she left, she saw a couple of new blooms!

We suspect that had she been here on the 15th, she would have posted about them. The white flowers above are Leucojum autumnale, a late-summer blooming relative of the more familiar summer snowflake, Leucojum aestivum.  She planted it last fall, almost weeded it out this spring, until Seedy and Soddy stopped her, and was delighted to see it blooming today.

You know who isn't delighted? Granny Gus McGarden. That's who. Oh, sure, she likes the new flowers but out in the Vegetable Garden Cathedral where she rules the roost, so to speak, there was a lot of rain and no one was picking the tomatoes so a lot of them are splitting open.

Now Granny runs from one tomato to the next tomato fretting but there is nothing she can do about it. Let's hope Carol comes out tomorrow and clears out those rotting, splitting tomatoes. She'll probably toss most of them into the compost bins where Granny's son, The Right Reverend Augustus McGarden will perform last rites so they rot properly.

Granny will likely sing some, too.

All in all, it's a nice send-off for those vegetables that never made it onto a dinner plate, let us tell you. You should attend one of The Right Reverend Augustus McGarden's ceremonies if you ever get a chance. It would bring a tear to your eye it is so beautiful to see the tomatoes rot into compost. (Sniff, we get all choked up just writing about it.)

In other news, Carol's first book, Potted and Pruned: Living a Gardening Life, apparently won an award while she was gone.
Oops, we are  garden fairies and we don't think this is our news to share so keep it on the down-low that we told you and act surprised when Carol publishes the official press release announcement proclamation. Thanks for covering for us.

We are garden fairies!

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, chief scribe and most proud of Carol.

P.S. Earlier today, Carol took a quick look at the vegetable garden with all the weeds and split tomatoes, checked the status of the figs (not ripe yet) and then got out of there as fast as she could. The Vegetable Garden Cathedral is truly a mess, but we are garden fairies. It is not our mess to clean up. It's Carol's!


  1. Dear Violet: You and your tribe are scalawags, rascals and scamps! I know you have the power to keep the tomatoes from splitting so get to it!

  2. Thanks, for sharing Violet

    My mother loves growing tomatoes. She, cooks with them and juices them for me.


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