Garden Fairies Discuss a Fall Vegetable Garden

 Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are very excited because Carol is presenting about fall grown vegetables to a master gardener group this week which means...

She's all in for planting a big garden this fall, perhaps starting this week.

Granny 'Gus' McGarden, who is in charge of The Vegetable Garden Cathedral, is  beside herself with excitement and is deciding which vegetables ought to be yanked to make room for the fall vegetables.

She's got her eye on a couple of rows of beans that are well past their prime. And she thinks maybe it would be okay to yank out the sweet corn.

Carol got a few ears of corn before the raccoons got the rest, so now the only reason to keep the corn stalks is to hear them rustling in the wind.

Well, we are garden fairies, and we all voted and decided that corn stalks rustling in the wind are overrated and Carol should pull those out especially if she is going to plant some more vegetables in their place.

Granny just hopes Carol remembers that corn is a big hog of soil nutrients so she should amend that soil with some compost or something before she sows any seeds there.

Oh, this is going to be exciting. We sent Seedy and Soddy on a scouting mission to find out what seeds Carol has and they came back with reports of kale, lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, beets and radishes, plus beans, peas, and summer squash.

Oh dear, if Carol is expecting to get some squash before the first frost, she'd better hurry.  Ol' Tangle Rainbowfly says he remembers once back in '95, there was widespread frost on September 30th.  Everyone started wringing their hands and wailing at the thought of another early frost. But then Sweetpea Morningglory chimed in and reminded everyone that in 2016, Mr. Jack Frost did not make an appearance until November 12th.

After further discussion about when they would get frost, Granny 'Gus' McGarden stepped forward and declared everyone should stop all the worrying about early frost and late frost and just plant and see what happens. After all, Carol already has the seeds so it is like they are free.

In the meantime, Little Deema Mae Flowerweb, who usually stays in her watering can, presented a list of a few other vegetables she wanted Carol to get seeds for, that Seedy and Soddy didn't see in the stack of packets Carol rounded up. Then followed another discussion to see if we garden fairies could really get Carol to plant Mizuna and Orach.

We all decided. Well, why not?

Submitted by:
Violet SweetPea Maydreams, chief scribe and committee chair for fall garden festivities


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