How to Freak Out Your Non-Gardening Neighbors

Would you like to freak out your non-gardening neighbors?

Would you like to have them think that you have a green thumb that is so green you can make spring flowers bloom in the fall?

Or maybe they will think you have magical gardening powers?

Here's what you do...

Lean in so no one can see the big secret here...

What you do is...

Plant some fall-blooming crocuses, like Crocus sativus, shown here. Yes, that's the crocus that gives us saffron.

Wow, you can freak out your neighbors AND supply them with freshly harvested saffron.

That's a two-fer if ever there was one.

Not to mention, you also get to enjoy fall-blooming crocuses. Three-for!

Does it get any better?

Well yes, it can get better.

You can also plant some fall-blooming colchicums, Colchicum autumnale. Same effect on the neighbors. They will totally freak out when they see "spring" flowers in the fall. The only difference is you won't get any saffron from the colchicums.

But your neighbors will still think you have a super green thumb or even magical powers.

Now is the time to plant bulbs and corms for fall blooming colchicums and crocuses. So go get some! You will probably have to order them online. You best hurry! These fall-bloomers sell out quick because once gardeners find out how fun they are to grow, how they can use them to freak out their non-gardening neighbors, they buy 'em up quick!


What fun it would be to trick someone with this idea of fall crocus being a great mystery.
Rebecca said…
I'm not sure my neighbors know enough to be impressed.
I think I might have to agree with Rebecca on that one .. but now that you have reminded me .. I have to remember to order them in the Spring actually to plant them for Fall blooming. Should I mention I have meant to do this for years now? LOL
Diana Lopes said…
I don't think this would work on my neighbors, but the idea is really fun.
John said…
Waoooo ”what an awesome idea to impress neighbor through gardening” I will implement your idea in my narrow garden.
Thanks, Dear!!!!