Make Your Garden a Humongous Success!

Every garden needs a little hum to make it a humongous success!

Every garden needs a little humor because sometimes we just have to laugh at what goes on in the garden.

Maybe it is an odd flower combination we never expected? Or a vine that grows the opposite direction we intended it to grow? Or a newly dug potato that looks like Winnie the Pooh?

Every garden needs a little humility because a good garden ought to humble a gardener a little bit.

We might get all swell-headed over some exotic flower we finally managed to grow in our garden after years of trying. Then the next day we visit the garden of a new gardener and they've got that same exotic flower growing everywhere.

Every garden needs a little humus, because we all know it is good soil with good humus that makes the biggest difference in a garden.

We can try to garden without good soil full of rich humus, but it is much better to garden with it. Plants grow better, birds sing louder, and crickets jump higher when the soil is good. And the gardener smiles a lot more, too.

Right now, I imagine you are thinking, "Hmmm... she's right. Every garden needs a little hum. A little humor, a little humility, and a little humus to make it a humongous success."

But just in case you are saying humbug to all this nonsense about hum in a garden, here's my proof.

Pooh says, "Hmmm, that potato does look like me!"
Piglet says, "I don't know, Pooh, I think it looks more like me!"


  1. Great spuds, Batman, that's a cool Pootato!

  2. You forgot one of the most important hums of all - Hummingbirds!
    My garden hums all Summer, and I am sad to see them go each September. But Good Lord willing, they will be back in April!
    I really do like that potato!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  3. That's the funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time. It does look a little like Piglet.~~Dee

  4. I have to learn a lot about gardening! Thanks a lot for this post 

  5. Oh bother, it does look like me!


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