Garden Fairies Provide a Scouting Report

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are here to provide a scouting report.

It has been a quiet week in the garden here at May Dreams Gardens, so quiet that we decided to check things out and find out just what was going on, though if nothing is going on, what is there to find out?

Turns out, there is plenty to find out.

There was nothing going on here because Carol was gone for most of the week and we garden fairies decided it is still summer-like so why start working on fall stuff already right now? Especially when Carol is not even here to help or torment!

So, we took advantage and...

Wait a minute, we are garden fairies, we aren't telling what we've been up to. We will let Carol come out here and find out for herself. Then she can report on it.  That is she could report on it if she wasn't so lazy.

But trust us, Seedy and Soddy will be watching from a secret location to watch Carol and see her face when she sees what we did and then if she doesn't provide a report, we will!

We garden fairies did figure out that one of the places Carol went to last week was Des Moines, Iowa, and one of the places she visited was the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. We posted one of her pictures on this blog post. Look. See it up there?

Color us garden fairies jealous!

We heard reports, though, that when Carol saw the big plantings in their pond, she asked: "How do they water those?"

Face-palm! Someone smack her upside her noggin'!

We are garden fairies and she is embarrassing us.

Really, it is a wonder that this garden around here is as nice as it even is.

It is because of us garden fairies.  We should write our own book about it all.  Yes, we should! We might.

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe at May Dreams Gardens

P.S. We are garden fairies


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