My Little Black Book of Plants

Oh yes, every gardener has one or should have one, whether they will admit it or not.

A little black book of plants.

A little book where they list all their favorite plants and where to find them in their garden.

A little book where they can note of all the plants they wish they had and hope to find someday.

A little book with invariably a few plants written down and then crossed off because they fell out of favor or perhaps disappeared and can't be found.

I know there is more than one gardener's little black book of plants that I'd like to see and study up close.

Currently, my little black book of plants is mostly in my head, where names are easily forgotten, along with locations.

I plan to remedy that this winter.

I'm going to start by listing good ol' Johnny Jump Ups. Violas. I'll put them under "V" for viola. And I'll note that they are usually in the containers on the back patio as soon as there is the first hint of spring.

Then I'll move on through the seasons, noting all my favorite plants.

I'll include my favorite vegetable varieties, too.

My little black book of plants.

Someday, someone will be glad it's on paper and not locked up in some digital file or stuck in my head.


  1. I have a book but it isn't little or black. It is green. Yes, I thought you would like that, being green and all.

  2. I had always wanted to start a little black book of plants. When we moved last summer, I finally did.It's purple. I am so glad I finally did this!

  3. Have you seen the moleskin garden journal. I’ve been using it for a bit over a year and I really like it. Good divisions, plenty of of little stickers to create your own divisions...and yes it’s black and I have a “find these for spring” section. I got it from amazon.

  4. Every year usually on just typing paper I make a list with the date and where I bought each plant. The I add or make a new map of all my gardens adding my new purchases. Will have to purchase a journal as it would be much neater. :+)

  5. I also have a 'little black book' although in my case, I have two of them. One is for the plants I've already tried growing and the other one is for the ones I plan to grow. Oh, and mine are actually blue. :)

  6. I have a purple notebook with graph paper. It is my garden journal. It holds the weather, when I planted things, and much more. The plants are in there but not in a list. This sounds like a good winter project to create a list of those plants. It can go along with my garden sights and sounds of the season lists. Thanks

  7. I have a drawer of index cards which lists each plant's name, date and place of purchase as well as price. On the front is cultural info and the location of the plant is on the back. My big failure is not always remembering to update when I move a plant.

  8. My father had a little black book that for over 50 years he faithfully kept a record of when the first daffodil bloomed in the spring and the first Black-eyed Susan bloomed in the late summer. These were his favorite plants and in his lifetime he planted thousands.. I cherish it

  9. I guess mine is in my head. I tried listing everything. I'm not so good at it. ~~Dee

  10. My list of Plants That Have Died would make a very big book.

  11. I have no such book, except in my head. I do however have a photo album filled with plant tags, and most of my plants will be found there.


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