Garden fairies post again

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and no, we did not take a picture from last spring to post on this blog post. This is a picture of autumn flowering crocuses which are in bloom right now.

We garden fairies are quite proud of how nice they look and are thankful that Carol finally came out here to see them because it would be a shame if they bloomed and no one saw them.

Whew. We don't know what Carol does but we do not see her as often as we should be seeing her in the garden because there is a lot of gardening to be done here before the snow flies.

Already we've had a frost and a freeze.  Those came a week or so after it was hot like summer so we garden fairies are now scrambling to turn the tree leaves to colors like gold and red and orange.

Seedy and Soddy wanted to turn some leaves bright purple but Granny Gus McGarden put a stop to that and told them to save the purple for the saffron crocuses in the front that are just now coming up.

We garden fairies, and Carol, are looking forward to seeing the saffron crocuses bloom in front where neighbors walking by will see them and think Carol has magical gardening powers. Crocuses in the fall! Woot. Any day now.

In other news, if we can say something nice about Carol, we note she has done quite a bit of clean up in the veggie garden, which of course makes Granny happy. And she rounded up the bagger for the mower which means she's going to start collecting grass and leaves as she mows to put on the veggie garden beds.

That should keep the weeds from taking over. Hopefully.

Oh, and we have it on good authority that two shipments of bulbs are arriving this week. Carol cannot remember what all she ordered, but we checked and oh-boy is she in for some work. What was she thinking order 1,000 more crocus corms and 500 more glory of the snow bulbs for the lawn, plus 200 tulips, 200 Ipheion, and who knows what else?

She was thinking of spring, of course.

We are garden fairies!

Submitted by Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Crew Chief for the Bulb Planting Crew (which is just Carol) at May Dreams Gardens


Glad you finally got to see your fall blooming crocus. They are beautiful! You and the garden fairies are sounding very busy!
Covegirl said…
Beautiful crocus. Blue is my favorite color.
subowo99blog said…
Beauty garden, it's same my dreams garden too.
Joanne said…
Ok fairies does she really have that many bulbs coming? I just planted 150 and that was enough for me this year! Good Luck - you guys better help her out!