This is when the magic happens

I've finished putting a lovely layer of chopped up leaves and grass on my vegetable garden beds.  Now the magic can begin.

The magic of rotting.  Of composting.

Billions, maybe zillions, of micro-organisms, including bacteria and fungi, are settling in and starting to do their thing by munching through all the plant debris and turning it into something that plants can use next year for their nourishment.

They are joined by legions of other creatures including insects and worms who help by breaking up the bigger pieces.

It is magical what happens to all those leaves and blades of grass over the winter. Magical. By spring, they will be mostly composted. Not completely composted, but enough to add organic matter to the soil, enriching it for next year's crops.

I am looking forward now to that first day of spring.


  1. I did the same thing this weekend! I am changing over to raised beds, and digging the paths lower so water will flow into a swale. I also want to move my compost tumbler, but it was full, so I dug out the contents, which was mixed with mulched leaves. This was put on top of the dirt int he raised beds, and will stay there through the wet season rotting away and filling my bed with awesome growing medium!

  2. I have put the chopped leaves into my flower beds!


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