Happy 2nd Birthday, Potted and Pruned

Happy 2nd Birthday, Potted and Pruned!

What a wonderful two years it has been!

You've been to so many places, dear book, it's hard to remember all of them.

You've been on trains, planes, and boats.

You've sat on beaches, benches, and the occasional wild animal.

You've traveled the world and been to places I've never been like England with Cindy, where you were just hanging out in a garden shed at Hidcote when this picture was taken.
You looked quite at home there in that old shed. I'll admit I was a bit jealous you got to go there and I haven't been there, yet.

Remember when you went to  New York City in the fall.

Again without me, but that's okay. You looked great in that New York Botanical Garden display.

Later, I dressed you up for Halloween.
You liked being Harry Potter, didn't you?

And don't forget you've been to Estonia!

And St. Petersburg, Russia!

Because our great friend Deb remembered how well you like to travel!

Of course, you've been to other places with me, like Niagara Falls, Chicago, and Austin, Texas.

You didn't mind sharing the camera spotlight with your sister book in Austin, did you?

You've had your share of the spotlight, like this book review in Country Gardens magazine.
And you've been in other magazines and newspapers, too.

Of course, you've been to Disney World!
It's been a while since I've been to Disney World. You and I should go back someday, together, take the whole book family. What do you think?

Remember when you went to a concert with Katie?
Or at least you were part of some pre-concert shenanigans.

Then there was that time I put you on the big screen at a basketball game.
You showed no fear of the heights or the crowds.

And that other time when I let giant ants carry you off to who knows what adventure!

You made me so proud, too, when you won an award for Best Overall Book from GardenComm. Wasn't it a thrill to see your picture on the big screen and hear your name called out?
I know I was excited for you!

And yes, even though there are other books now, like Homegrown and Handpicked and The Christmas Cottontail, and soon Seeded and Sodded, you, Potted and Pruned, will always be my first book. The other books can never take that away from you.

Now as you begin your third year, dearest Potted and Pruned, I hope you enjoy even more travels, more adventures, and meet more readers. You have a long life ahead of you. Don't spend it sitting on a shelf or in some dusty corner of the occasional bookstore.
Even if it is a Harry Potter bookstore.

Get out there, plant some seeds of gardening in other people's minds, and enjoy your life, dearest book.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Potted and Pruned!



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