Seeded and Sodded Completes the Trilogy!

Finally, the trilogy is complete!

Seeded and Sodded: Thoughts from a Gardening Life joins my two other gardening essay books to form a trilogy of humorous and light-hearted essays.

The band is together.

The shelf is balanced.

The trilogy is complete.

And I am out of shades of green to use for the covers.

There is a rule of thumb that we should plant in groups of three. So shouldn't there also be three books of gardening essays? Because trilogy seems more balanced than a pair. Because I am the third of five kids...

Five? No, there will not be a quintlogy of gardening humor.  Just these three books.*

I am pleased with how Seeded and Sodded came out, just as I was/am pleased with the first two books.

Right now, Seeded and Sodded is only available on Amazon, (affiliate link) but within the week, I should have copies to sell to those who want autographed copies and Ingram will have it in stock for any independent bookstores that choose to carry it. I'll update my online store when I have copies available.

Welcome to my bookshelf, Seeded and Sodded!

*Just these three essay books for now, but who knows what else will come out from Gardenangelist Books?


  1. I miss your forth book already...........

  2. Goodness, I’ve only read the first one. Onward ho!


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