A Little Spring Pep Talk - Part 2

I've heard a few rumblings about how this has been a slow, cold spring so far.  For those who are complaining, I just have one piece of advice.

Stop it.

Everyone complains about how fast time flies but the minute something seems to be taking its time, like the arrival of spring and warm weather, those same people are all wishing it would hurry up and get warm.

Not me.

I like spring when it takes its time and slowly unfolds. I have a chance to enjoy the blooms longer because when temperatures stay cooler, those blooms last longer. Plus, with cooler temps, everything doesn't flower all at once.

And I don't get all antsy thinking that everything has to be done in the garden right now or it won't get done.

It will get done and at a calm, reasonable pace. A speed that is enjoyable, at temperatures that don't cause you to sweat in the hot March sun, because at least around here, there hasn't been a hot March sun.

Plus, when temperatures stay cooler some of the trees and shrubs, like magnolias and apple trees, don't bloom early and then get smacked down with a hard freeze. Yes, it could still happen. But all signs point to it not happening.

So where's the pep talk in all of this?  The pep talk part is you should just relax and go with the weather. Embrace the slow spring and use it to your advantage— not to procrastinate, but to work in your garden at a reasonable pace. A pace that gives you a chance to pause occasionally, lean on your hoe or rake, and take in all the beauty that is slowly showing itself as spring slowly tiptoes into the garden.


Relax and go with the weather.

That's your pep talk, part 2.


In a few days, I'll be visiting with members and guests of the Kentuckiana Herb Society at their spring lunch at the Huber Winery and presenting on secrets to happiness in your garden. If you are attending, stop by and say hi! I'll have books for sale and some seeds to give away!


I hope you are enjoying The Gardenangelists podcast I record with Dee Nash of Red Dirt Ramblings. We are having a lot of fun with each episode which we publish weekly on Tuesdays.  You can subscribe with iTunes, BuzzSprout, or Castbox. I promise we include lots of humor and lots of good gardening dirt!


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  1. Wonderful advice, and so true.....except I could really use the snow around my house to melt so I can finally get out there and start my spring cleanup!

  2. Amen sister! Love your podcast with Dee

  3. I am so happy the soil has dried up a little from the sunshine and wind. It makes me happy. Intellectually, I understand that I need to be patient, but I am itching to plant ad enjoy the weather.

  4. Excellent advice. This morning, I stopped in the predawn to savor freshly blooming jasmine and bird song on my way to the chicken coop. Those moments make for better days, to be sure.

  5. I like a slow spring too. Oklahoma is supposed to get a freeze this weekend. Ah well, that's how the cookie crumbles. ~~Dee

  6. I’m torn. I don’t generally like being chilly, but I do appreciate that spring blooms last much longer in the cold. And I do enjoy that fact that chilly springs are great for controlling those frequent little personal summers that I experience! Haha


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