"Brrrr" and Books!


The last few days have been the coldest-feeling days of winter, says me.

And that's the end of what I care to say about this little cold weather snap with a coating of snow on top that we are having because this is a family-friendly, G-rated gardening blog.

Yes, G-rated, even though I did teach everyone a special "gardeners-only" cuss word.

This weather might call for the use of that particular word.

It's madness, this weather. March mayhem.

To add balance to the universe, I decided to do something good so maybe the weather won't seem so bad.

That's right! I lowered the price on the Kindle versions of my three gardening humor books to $2.99 each. Truly, March mayhem.

For less than a fancy cup of coffee from a place that starts with "S", you can read one of my books with a Kindle reader. Or for less than a fancy cup of coffee and a fancy pastry, you can probably read two of my books. Add in a "pay it forward" drink for the person behind you in line and for that amount, BINGO, you can buy all three gardening humor books to read on your Kindle.

Wow. Am I insane? Nope. I just think you'll enjoy the books and then want to buy other editions that you can hold in your hands or give as gifts to all your gardening friends.

Here are the affiliate links:

Potted and Pruned
Homegrown and Handpicked
Seeded and Sodded

But you are probably thinking that I'll host some kind of giveaway, especially for the newest book Seeded and Sodded: Thoughts from a Gardening Life, and you will just wait to see if you win that book before getting the e-book. Really? Why not get the e-book AND enter to win a softcover edition?

On the 18th episode of The Gardenangelist podcast, we are indeed hosting a giveaway of my third gardening humor book plus one other book. Listen to the podcast to get all the details on how to enter. (Yes, this is a blatant attempt to get you to listen to the podcast to find out how to enter the drawing for Seeded and Sodded.) All entries must be received by midnight EDT on Monday, March 11, 2019.


If you are local to Indianapolis, I'll be speaking at the Indiana Flower and Patio Show on March 13 (1:00 pm and 4:00 pm) and March 14 (12:00 pm and 3:00 pm). Come by and say hey! There's a link up top of the blog that will get you discounted tickets. I will also have my books for sale after each talk.


If you live near Taylor, Michigan I'll be speaking at the Growing Great Gardens Symposium at the Taylor Conservatory on March 16. Follow the link to register and then stop by and say hey! They will have copies of all my books for sale.


If you live south of Indianapolis, come and see me at the Johnson County Public Library's Authors Fair on March 23 at their Clark-Pleasant location. See their website for details. I'll have copies of all four books for sale at the fair.


  1. You are certainly doing what you love. I am way too far away to see you speak in person, but I have been enjoying your podcasts over morning cups of tea!


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