Garden fairies post when it rains

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and it is rainy and wet and cold outside so we decided that today would be a fine day for us to post on this blog and save it from Carol's mediocrity.

That's right.

Garden fairies to the rescue.


We thought we would give you fine readers the inside scoop on a couple of things.

First, about Carol's Pep Talk for Spring which she apparently is going to post in parts. She posted Part 1 the other day. Who knows when she will post the next part? Who knows if there is a next part? Who knows if you came to this new post expecting the next part? We are garden fairies, no one has to give us a pep talk!

So if you are waiting around for the next part of the pep talk, we suggest you get up, dust yourself off, do a few jumping jacks in place to warm up, and then head out to your garden and get to work. There's your garden fairy pep talk!

Or you can sit around and wait for Carol's part 2.

Second, we overheard someone tell Carol at the author's fair she attended yesterday how much they enjoy the garden fairies' posts. The person most definitely did not say, "I love your blog." She most assuredly said, "I love the garden fairies' posts."

We have said for quite some time that this blog exists because of us garden fairies. We carry the heavy burden of entertaining, enlighting, and educating readers of this blog. E to the 3rd power. That's we what garden fairies do.

We are garden fairies. You are welcome.

Finally, we garden fairies have been working on opening up flowers all over the place, including the ones pictured here. Seedy and Soddy lost the information about but have decided it is a Scilla sp. of some kind.

Of course, they said they aren't to blame for losing the name. They said Carol is to blame because she didn't keep the packaging the bulbs of this flower came in. She's like that. The more she gardens, the less she cares about the names of plants, until, of course, someone asks her what the name is and then if she doesn't know, she makes up a name.

You've been warned.

Submitted by:

Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Head of the Spring Pep Rally at May Dreams Gardens.