Happy Dogwood Winter

Happy Dogwood Winter!

That's what they call it when we have a few warms days in the spring and then it turns cold again, around the time the dogwoods are in bloom.

I will say our warm days have been precious and few this spring, but since we had some and now it is colder, I'm declaring this to be Dogwood Winter.

Some folks called it Blackberry Winter or Redbud Winter. You get the idea. Just put the name-of-a-spring-bloom with winter.

So this could also be Crabapple Winter or Tulip Winter or dare I say, Spruce Winter.

The spruce out back is blooming.  Pretty, isn't it? Unexpectedly so.
The spruce buds are probably edible. I know the spruce tips, which aren't yet coming out, are edible. Though I personally have not eaten them, I know someone who has.  Go check out the Backyard Forager for details.

Elsewhere in the garden, my weeding efforts continue more or less steadily. I even did a bit of weeding this morning before going about my day. More on going about my day later...

In the meantime, I have several more speaking engagements this week.

Thursday, May 2nd, I'll be speaking to the Morgan County Indiana Master Gardeners in Martinsville, Indiana about Perpetual Spring.
Friday, May 3rd, I'll be in Frankfort, Indiana speaking at the public library about the Twelve Secrets to Happiness in Your Garden.
Saturday, May 4th, I'll be at the Johnson County Garden Celebration in Franklin, Indiana, speaking at 9:30 am about Ready, Set, Garden, and meeting and greeting people throughout the day until 3:00 pm.

If you live around these events, come by and see me.  Books for sale at all events!

Want to a chance to win a copy of my second book, Homegrown and Handpicked: A Year in a Gardening Life?  Head over to the Washington Gardener to find out how to enter! Must enter by April 30, 50 pm EDT!


  1. It feels wintery here too. The wind is blowing and it is raining off and on. Bah... I am ready for more of that nice spring weather.
    Good luck with your speaking engagements. Wish they were closer I would love to attend.

  2. Enough already with the cold rainy weather!


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