A Little Spring Pep Talk - Part 3

We had a snow event this past weekend with measurable, noticeable snow, some of which didn't melt until yesterday.

But, as the daffodils have announced, it is now back to spring, full speed ahead.

I never worry about daffodils when it snows late in the spring. They always bounce back as though nothing happened. They look great too.

On the other hand, the three flats of alyssum I planted at the ends of the Vegetable Garden Cathedral raised beds do not look like they want to bounce back or even could bounce back if they wanted to.  A less patient gardener would have muttered the gardener's secret cuss word, yanked them out, kick the dirt, and said "No more."

(It's a secret cuss word, explained in my first book Potted and Pruned, which is why I am not putting it on this post.)


I am a patient gardener.

I'll admit that sometimes my patience looks like I am lazy.  After all, it would take work, though not much work, to pull out the alyssums and maybe a little more work to go buy some more and replant them.

I assure you. I am not lazy. I am patient. Well, sometimes I am a little lazy, but let's assume patience at this point because that's the pep talk.

Be patient.

Not everything happens all at once in the spring. Gosh, that would make our heads spin if everything were suddenly in a full flush of summer green. Might make us a bit nervous and anxious too.

Indeed, I like the slow unfolding of spring. Today a new flower, tomorrow or maybe the next day another new flower. Slowly, bloom by bloom, leaf unfurl by leaf unfurl, I like a slow spring.

I am patient like that. I've learned.

Be patient.


Where will Carol be this weekend? This weekend on Saturday, April 6th, I am pleased to be heading to Greenfield, Indiana for the 2019 Fourth Annual Master Gardener Green Thumb program sponsored by the Hancock County Master Gardeners. I'm speaking at 10:00 am and then will be hanging around selling and signing books. Come see me and say hi!


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  1. I am so patient, I can wait to watch the hen-bit and the dandelions blooms before I 'pick' them. And yesterday's snow just made today that much more glorious!!


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