Granny's Bonnets and Green Beans

Granny's Bonnets and Green Beans.

Really! Who wouldn't want to listen to a podcast episode with a title like that?

That's a rhetorical question because everyone should want to listen to a podcast with a title like that. It's funny! It's informative! It's sweet! It's all kinds of gardeny-goodness.

So listen to the Gardenangelists' latest episode on Granny's Bonnets and Green Beans this week.  We are on:

iTunes -- Yes, click right there to open up iTunes and listen to our podcast. And leave us a review if you like us!

Spotify - Don't be afraid! Click and listen on Spotify if you prefer.

Buzzsprout - This is our host site and the best place to go to read the show notes which are full of notes, links, and little extras.

And I am pretty sure you can also find us on Google Play and Castbox and other sites where you listen to podcasts.

In our current episode, episode number 26, I tell a story about my sister. She's a bit panicky about buying her annuals this spring and I tell her to relax, but... you'll have to listen to find out the rest of the store.

And Dee is miffed. Can you imagine Granny's Bonnets causing anyone to be miffed?

And we are having a turnip growing contest too.

So far, I am winning! Of course, we have no pictures or proof. Just my word against Dee's word, but I'm still winning so far.

And that's not all.

We break rules on our podcast.

And we admit it.

That's all I'm going to say, except, tomorrow we have a special podcast episode that you won't want to miss.  It's a BGD. That's right a Big Gardening Deal.

Stay tuned!

(Oh, if you are looking for the post about The Christmas Cottontail book giveaway, it's the last post. HERE.)


RobinL said…
It is a charming title, I’m sure it was delightful!