Something to Improve Your Garden Weeding Experience

Pssst... over here.

I've got something to help you improve your overall garden weeding experience.


I'm not sharing this secret something with everyone. Just a few people. Like you readers who have wisely chosen to read this blog post.

This secret something isn't the digging knife in the picture above, though that is a good tool to have and one that is useful for weeding. Nor is it my latest new weeding tool, the DeWit Ninja Cultivator, which I started using today and I think I like it.

And the secret something isn't the awesome CobraHead® Mini Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool which I often have sticking out of my back pocket as I go about my gardening. Then I can reach and grab it whenever I see a weed. Which means I am always reaching for it because the weeds around here are having a good spring.

The secret something isn't a tool at all.

The secret something is a bonus episode of The Gardenangelists called Weeding with the Gardenangelists.

It's 27 minutes of weeding encouragement, weeding quotes, weeding wonderment!

It's meant to inspire even the most reluctant weeder to get out and do at least 30 minutes of weeding, with Dee and I encouraging them the entire time. What could be better?

Nothing could be better when it comes to weeding.

It's going to make weeding fun. It's going to make your weeding time fly by. It's going to make you want to weed just so you have an excuse to listen again.

We think this podcast episode will do for weeding what Jane Fonda did for working out and exercising back in 1982 when she published her first workout video. (Yes, it was that long ago!)

Try this episode at least once. Grab your favorite weeding tool, put on a pair of gardening gloves, then pull up our Weeding with the Gardenangelists episode on your smartphone and you'll enjoy the best 30 minutes of weeding of your entire gardening life.

Repeat until you've conquered the weeds in your garden!



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