Three Little Fishes

I'm pleased to show you my new ceramic fish from Fish in the Garden.

Today they are swimming in a pool of crested iris that have finished blooming. Before that they were swimming through a bed of Black-eyed Susans.

Who knows where they will be swimming tomorrow or the day after that?  Though, I do like this spot for now so I think I'll let them settle in there for a bit, unless I find another perfect spot.

Of course I named them. Flavia, Ophelia, and Daphne. I'll let you figure out where those names came from!  But I've read all the books and it is an enjoyable set of cozy mysteries. Or as the British write, cosy mysteries.  (Affiliate link.)

I also wrote a haiku about them:

Three little fishes. They swim through the iris patch. Rain keeps them quite wet.

With all these rain we've had, it is a good time to read cosy mysteries. But that doesn't get the vegetable garden planted!

I went out this morning to The Vegetable Garden Cathedral even though it was overcast and there was a chance of thunderstorms.  I operate under the "it's not raining now" principle of get out there and get going and when it is actually raining... Well, it actually started to thunder in the distance, right as I went live on Instagram to show off my vegetable garden.

Yes, I went live on Instagram to share a bit of video on my Instagram story. You can check it out on Instagram where I am Indygardener. I plan to go live every couple of days through the growing season.

If you don't catch the live video on Instagram, which disappears after 24 hours, here are the highlights.

The raised beds in the vegetable garden usually dry out fairly quickly but they are soaked with all the rain. We haven't gotten as much rain as Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings, but we've gotten quite a bit.

The peas should be covered with blooms by now and maybe even loaded down with pods. Alas, they are not. I think this weather has confused them into thinking there is plenty of time to flower because it has been such a cool spring.  They need to get on with it. I can't be picking peas when I am picking green beans. Though, see above about how wet the ground is. I haven't even planted green bean seeds yet.

In the meantime, some kale in a mixed greens seed mix set flower so I yanked all that out. I need to pick a bunch of the lettuce today because the minute it gets warm enough, they'll all bolt and send up seed stalks.

I was going to set tomato stakes this morning so I could plant the tomatoes but the thunder drove me inside.  Then it rained. I suspect that's it for me in the garden until this afternoon. Which is why I am writing this blog post!

Finally, I've noticed a few strawberries starting to turn red. There are gobs (yes, a horticultural term meaning "quite a few" or "many" or "loads") of baby strawberries. As soon as they ripen, they are mine! All mine!  (Insert evil laugh.)

Thanks for reading and wherever you are, I hope your spring doesn't require umbrellas and galoshes just to get out into your garden!


  1. Flavia, Daffy, and Feely are great names for your three fishes!
    I have almost finished the series - I am reading "Thrice The Brindled Cat Hath Mew'd" now. Maybe I should get a trio for my own garden!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. They look like great fun! So have you read the newest one - The Golden Tresses of the Dead? I just finished it = a great read for a rainy spring day! Which is what we are having here in Minnesota!


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