Wherever podcasts are found...

I wanted to share the good news with everyone that The Gardenangelists podcast is now available on Stitcher and TuneIn.  Plus it is still on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcast, plus several other places where podcasts are found.

Dee and I are getting around! We enjoy recording the podcast episodes and hope you all enjoy listening to them.

Our favorite episode so far, or at least my favorite episode, is Weeding with the Gardenangelists. We wrote and recorded it with the idea that you could listen to it over and over while you are weeding.

It's the perfect length for one weeding session, about 23 minutes. After weeding and listening, you can take a break and then start it over from the beginning again for your next weeding session.

Repeat as often as needed.

Why did we record a podcast episode just to listen to while weeding? Because we want to do for weeding what Jane Fonda did for workouts when she published her workout videos back in the 1990s.  Everyone was working out while watching those videos.

Well, not everyone, because I wasn't. Too busy gardening, I guess.

But you get the idea. Listen at least once to our weeding episode while weeding and let us know if it helped you be a better weeder.

I guarantee it will make you laugh at least once while weeding.

And when was the last time you did that?

Oh, the last time you weeded while listening to The Gardenangelists?

Thank you, that's high praise if that's the case!

And coming soon, we have another exciting bonus episode planned for later this summer.  Don't let it "bug" you that I'm not telling you what it's about. That's a hint though!

Hope your gardening, and weeding, are going well this summer!


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