Garden Fairies ask, "What does she do all day?"

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have once again stopped what we were doing—and no, it wasn't nothing we were doing—and come in to save this blog from withering away to nothing.

Here it is, a week into August, and Carol has not posted anything all month. Nothing. Zilch.

What does she do all day?

We are garden fairies and we would sure like to know the answer to that question, but we are far too busy to actually go get the answer.

Out in the vegetable garden, Granny 'Gus' McGarden is quite pleased with the tomatoes. Carol did come out and pick some the other day, we'll grant you that, but she needs to come out here again and pick some more.

Again, what does she do all day?

Around the perennial borders, there are weeds of all types sneaking in and Ol' Rainbow Tanglefly says he can't keep up with keeping them out. Now, to be fair, we did notice Carol weeded out one particularly bad corner of weeds the other day, but there is much more weeding she needs to do. Much more.

Again, what does she do all day?

The weather has been quite good meaning not really that hot. Seedy and Soddy said some areas of the garden need a good soak but they can hardly get Carol's attention when she comes out and waters the containers on the patio.  So they don't get watered.

Again, what does she do all day?

We are garden fairies. We ask questions. That's what we do.  And now that the question has been asked, we demand an answer!

Again, what does she do all day?

(In case anyone was unclear on what the question was.)

Carol's either doing nothing (probable) or up to something (also probable). We are garden fairies, we'll eventually find out what Carol does all day and then we'll report back!

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and the Busiest Garden Fairy at May Dreams Gardens. She does everything!


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