Garden Fairies to the Rescue!

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and once again we must rescue this blog from the brink of abandonment that Carol has pushed it toward by not posting in days and days and days.

We will post. We will rescue this blog. We will bring it back to life.

We started out the resuscitation of this blog by looking at Carol's most recent pictures.

And what did we see?

We saw pictures of mountains. We saw pictures of places we garden fairies haven't ever been to before. We saw pictures that clearly were not taken here.

Well, we are garden fairies and so we are going to convene a meeting to discuss this situation. Then we are going to start a betting pool to see who can guess when Carol will actually come out to the garden and check out what we've been doing since she last posted.

Because we have been doing a lot.

Seedy and Soddy have started to open up a few mums, just a tiny little bit, along with asters.

Out in the Vegetable Garden Cathedral, Granny Gus McGarden is doing her best to hold on though she says the weeds and rotten tomatoes are about to drive her crazy.  The only reason she doesn't leave is because the zinnias and marigolds are pretty right now.

Ol' Rainbow Tanglefly says he doesn't ever remember Carol being so neglectful of this blog, but then Sweetpea MorningGlory reminded him and everyone else that Carol does have a podcast that she records weekly with Red Dirt Ramblings.  And she also writes books. Word is that she's just sent her fifth book off to an editor.

We are garden fairies. We'd sure like to edit her book! We'd change it up and make sure we are presented favorably in it!

Anyway, that's all we've got for now. We are garden fairies, not blog post writers!

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Ghost Writer for Carol.

P.S. We are garden fairies and we just figured out that the mountains in the picture are in Salt Lake City, Utah. And look at this flower picture we found.

We want those flowers in our garden. We would tell you what they are but Carol didn't take a picture of the sign with the name of them. We don't know if we will ever forgive her for that! (And thank you to Dee, who provided the name for us in a comment. She's our hero! Eryngium leavenworthii, also known as Leavenworth's eryngo. Now Carol has to get it!


  1. Haha, Dee will give you the name. Eryngium leavenworthii, also known as Leavenworth's eryngo. Hope that helps!

  2. You Garden Fairies will have to start keeping a bag packed so you can go along with Carol as she is becoming a jet setter.


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