I ran into a spider web today!

I ran into a spider web today!

Of course, I immediately began the "I ran into a spider web today" dance which as you know involves all kinds of hand motions.

I'm sure this grasshopper wondered what was going on, especially after I recovered and pointed my smartphone at him and took his picture.

Have you ever noticed how little kids balk these days whenever someone points a smartphone at them to take yet another picture?

Anyway, I ran into a spider web today!

Of course, I'm fine. The spider web, on the other hand, was demolished.

No matter. I assume Mrs. Spider will build another web tonight, one that is even better than the one I ran into. After all, she has to catch dinner for herself and her spider babies.

I could have used "I ran into a spider web today" as a reason not to post on this blog.  Or I could have used it as an excuse to let those garden fairies write a post about my little "I ran into a spider web today" dance.

But instead, I took responsibility to provide this update all by myself. No garden fairies were involved.

I'm just thankful the garden fairies don't have their own cameras because I ran into a spider web today and then did the "I ran into a spider web dance", which as you know, involves lots of hand motions.

I promise I will have a better update tomorrow. After all, "I ran into a spider web today" isn't much of an update, is it?


  1. Tis the season. A lot of spider web dancing going on right now.

  2. Just think of the spider web dance as a form of exercise, and exercise is good for you!
    At this time of the year I see a lot of the Spiny Back Orb Weaver Spiders. Interesting creatures and no danger to humans. And the ones I have here very conveniently spin their webs at exactly eye level so they are easier for me to see!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  3. You are too funny. I can just see you doing that dance. Aren't you glad you're not a fly?~~Dee

  4. We had a friend's visiting golden retriever run into a spider web in our yard. It was a sight to be seen. I wish I had my phone handy to catch the video.


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