I'm Excited About Wool Pellets

Yes, that is a rare photo of me, pointing at Intelli-Soil from Wild Valley Farms.

Intelli-Soil contains wool pellets, their other great product that had everyone at the Garden Communicators International annual conference buzzing.

(Honestly, in the 10 years I've been attending the GardenComm conferences, I've never seen such a reaction to a new product. Everyone was excited about wool pellets.)

What are wool pellets? Go to their website and you'll find out. Or here, I'll quote them for you.

"Wool Pellets are made from 100 % AMERICAN RAW WASTE WOOL and provide fertilizer, porosity, and water wise holding ability to your plants. Wool Pellets when added to your soil will provide nutrition to feed your plants to help your plants looking their best. Wool Pellets will also reduce the amount of times you need to water your plants. Wool Pellets can reduce water needs by 25%, saving you time and effort. Wool is sheared from our sheep (and other ranchers' sheep) each spring. The main fleece of the wool is sold to make clothes, but the belly wool and the "tags" (wool from around the back end of the sheep) is what we use to make Wild Valley Farms Wool Pellets. Wool Pellets have a FERTILIZER VALUE OF 9-0-2 NPK."

NOW you see why I was excited to find out about this product? It's a waste product that they used to throw away and then they realized what it could do when added to soil. I have a sample bag of wool pellets which I'm going to use in hanging baskets next spring because hanging baskets tend to dry out faster than other containers around here.

And I'm going to tell my local greenhouse about this product too.

And I'm going to see if a local independent garden center or hardware store is going to carry it because I'm going to buy more of it.

And now I'm telling you all about it!

(Thanks to Dee Nash for taking my picture!)


Kylee Baumle said…
I always love it when someone finds a constructive use for what has previously been disposed of as waste. This is great.
Toni Gattone said…
Yes, he’s found a great product and a way to recycle at the same time.