Every Gardener Eventually...

Every gardener eventually...

So many ways to finish that sentence.

Every gardener eventually kills a plant or two or one hundred?


Every gardener eventually has a few weeds they let grow a bit bigger than they should.

Also true.

Every gardener eventually has to... go to the bathroom.

Also true.

And according to my friend Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener, my books, including Seeded and Sodded: Thoughts from a Gardening Life, are perfect for taking with you into the bathroom—that place of momentary peace and quiet—for a bit of reading and pondering while attending to personal business.

 And I quote:

"The 36 short essays in this volume are quick reads. You can jump around and select just those with subjects that appeal to you or read it through from cover to cover. It is the sort of book that makes great “bathroom reading”—ahem. In this busy world full of social media distractions, that is a good thing. Leave a copy out on a covered porch for reading between outside chores and slip one into the toolsheds of all your gardening friends."

So, dear readers, it's time to get your own copies of my gardening humor books to put in your bathroom, or place on a side table on your covered porch, or keep nearby in your special secret hideaway in your gardening shed. Or to give to a gardening friend. Then to turn to any page and escape from the madness of social media or the burden of fall garden clean up, or whatever else is bugging you, with some light-hearted garden humor and insight.

Go to my author book page. From there it's just a few more clicks and you can order the books from me, an independent bookshop, or even Amazon. Or just go right HERE to order from me.

(I recommend purchasing separate copies for bathrooms... just because.)

If you order from me. I'll even personalize the books. There is a place on the order form to leave a note to tell me what you'd like me to write. And I'll give you free shipping with the code FREESHIP.


The podcast, The Gardenangelists, is rolling right along with new episodes published every Wednesday morning and new listeners joining every week. Don't miss out. You can subscribe to it from almost any service you use to listen to podcasts. This week, Dee Nash and I talk about tulips fall/winter seed sowing, and Emily Dickinson. 


Wonder what you might find in Seeded and Sodded: Thoughts from a Gardening Life? I made this graphic with a quote from the book.

That's the kind of info you'll find in the book!