Garden fairies are busy!

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have a tale to tell all of you.

Well, not so much a tale but really more about how we are garden fairies and we often have to go to great lengths to make sure certain flowers don't get wrecked by the rain.

Flowers like these fall-flowering Crocus speciosus. Yesterday and early this morning we had to protect them from a deluge of rainfall.

Then this afternoon, the sun came out and we all had to scurry around to open them up. Got to make hay when the sun shines, as they say, or as we say, "got to open up the crocuses when the sun shines".

That's what we say.

We say it in the spring.

We say it in the fall.

We are garden fairies.

And if were not for us and our heroic efforts, this garden would be a mess. Truth be told though, this garden is a mess and we are counting on Carol to come out here and set things right before the Halloween Hare shows up on Halloween night.

Because we know from experience what can happen if the Halloween Hare finds the garden all messed up and un-cared for!  It makes the hare mad and then that hare makes an even bigger mess.

Which of course, puts spring in jeopardy because the Christmas Cottontail* doesn't like messy gardens either.

So we are relying on Carol to make things right THIS WEEK before that Halloween Hare shows up.

Can she do it? Will she come through for us?

We can only hope, and then send Seedy and Soddy to spy on her and make sure she somehow, someway, somewhere plants all those bulbs we saw she ordered. And pulls all those weeds she let grow. And puts away all those decorations she got out for the summer. And rakes and mows all those leaves. And otherwise prepares this garden for winter.

In the meantime, the rest of us are on crocus watch. We must close the blooms when it rains, and then open them when the sun shines. It is quite a lot of responsibility. But we are garden fairies, we can do it!

Submitted by:
Violet Sweetpea MayDreams, chief scribe and photographer extraordinaire at May Dreams Gardens.

*The Christmas Cottontail you ask? Don't even! There's a book on the sidebar if you don't know the story!